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The Vent: April 14

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Posted: Sunday, April 14, 2013 11:03 am | Updated: 7:37 pm, Wed Apr 17, 2013.

“What’s with the weeds 2 feet high along University Drive in Mesa across from CVS? It always looks like a dump site. Lindsay down by Broadway, same thing. Property owners and the city both need a good ass kickin’.”

“President Obama’s 2014 budget and $3.8 trillion spending plan includes tax hikes. Obama’s tax increase plan are so taxpayers will keep right on paying billions of tax dollars being wasted by bureaucratic inefficiencies.”

“Some holier-than-thou Republican should go to Mount Sinai and retrieve the lost 11th Commandment that says ‘Thou shall not covet anyone of the same sex.’”

“Giffords and Kelly still ‘appreciate’ guns while protesting and operating an anti-gun non-profit.”

“The Senate gun control bill includes new penalties for gun trafficking. The government doesn’t enforce the current gun trafficking laws and in fact are one of the biggest violators. Is this yet another feel good law, like ‘no texting?’ Put it on the books and forget about it unless they are searching for something to nail somebody for and they have nothing substantive?”

“I grow weary of politicians who lie to America, and they are trying to preserve and protect the Second Amendment. They are only protecting special interests who in turn protect the liars. The constitution needs no protection from those who are not worthy of the oath, the office, or the people they represent. They only harm the most innocent, make a mockery and bring shame to the constitution and our form of government in the eyes of the rest of the world, and make all Americans seem less than what they really are.”

“Why do medical facilities like Phoenix Children’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s and Tucson Medical Center have a need to conduct raffles for funds when Obama would have one think he has the answer and will take care of is ‘subjects?’”

“I think the lady that pretended to have cancer should be made to donate the amount she cheated people out of to the American Cancer Society. It makes me sad to see all the people going through treatments, including me. We all legitimately have cancer but luckily most of us have insurance but there are still co-pays and expenses. That is where people like her need to donate instead of cheating the public. If she has to do public service it should be at a treatment facility like Ironwood cancer and research center.”

“It seems to me that the biggest problem today is a lot of people don’t know where they came from, why they are here, and where they are going. A lot of parents are not teaching their children that there is a higher power, that there are serious consequences for their actions, and do not take an active interest in what their children or teenagers are doing and then are surprised when they get into trouble.”

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