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The Vent: Aug. 18 — gasoline prices, immigration, Yarnell

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Posted: Sunday, August 18, 2013 9:45 am | Updated: 10:23 am, Thu Feb 13, 2014.

“It seems there are a lot of people in this world who don’t know where they came from, who they are, or where they are going. Otherwise, they wouldn’t do a lot of the bad things they are doing.”

“How ironic that the same administration that is fighting any attempts to require you to prove who you are to vote is the same administration that is requiring you to prove you have health insurance!”

“Of course gasoline prices have done nothing but go up and up during the Obama administration. Why do you think the petroleum industry paid so much money to Obama’s election fund, and to the Democratic Party? They know all Democrats do is talk, but will not do any effective legislation against the outrageous profit margins the petroleum industry gets for their products.”

“Big jump in violent crimes in Phoenix? Is that perhaps due to the big welcome that illegals are getting from the Democratic Party? Or, is it because of the restrictions the Democrats impose on the Sheriff every time he tries to enforce the laws that we voted for.”

“It is sad to lose any worker on a job but for the survivors wanting to bankrupt a city is even sadder. If your husband worked part-time or even full-time in the private industry you would probably be get nothing. You are getting about 15 to 20 years of his pay up front. Please. Out of respect to him stop trying to hurt the people he was trying to protect.”

“Andy Tobin needs to wait until the investigative report is in before he starts throwing additional taxpayer money for the Granite Mountain 19.”

“Don’t condemn Vladimir Putin, he doesn’t have a cold war mentality, he’s just an obstructionist, and we all know how damaging and crazy that can be.”

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