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The Vent: March 11

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Posted: Sunday, March 11, 2007 7:24 am | Updated: 7:33 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“The Grand Canyon SkyWalk is an atrocious design (violating) the most basic fundamentals of architectural aesthetics.”

“Welcome to the Grand Canyon. Developed and built by God. Commercialized by humans.”

“I live in my HOA because it restricts parking on the street. The area is free of boats, trailers, campers, etc.”

“I live in a non-HOA community in Mesa and you come through my community and it is just as neat and clean as any HOA. They are not needed if people take pride in ownership.”

“Unfortunately, the only civil liberties that are violated are those who have to pay HOA dues in order to maintain their property value because of other irresponsible homeowners. One has a choice to live in an HOA. We choose to.”

“I’d vote for a homeowners association in my neighborhood just as soon as they start making my (house) payments. They can tell me what color to paint the house just as soon as they pay for the paint and pay for the labor to put the paint on the house.”

“To the venter who is asking others to take a trip to Apache Junction (Vent, Wednesday), I say please stay at home. Apache Junction does not need or want your kind.”

“So now I know why it’s so much more expensive to shop at Safeway. They have to pay for golf tournaments.”

“I personally feel that challenging discussions and debates on controversial issues should be encouraged in our schools. But teachers who seek only to propagate their own personal, and I emphasize personal, views on these subjects must be checked.”

“What’s with the colors they are putting on houses and shopping centers now? Fresh cow-dung green, baby poop yellow, dried mutt brown and some kind of red that stands up and screams ‘Tijuana.’ I haven’t seen anything in the Southwest desert this revolting.”

“The reason there’s just a jump in welfare recipients is because jobs are paying less and less. Less jobs are required to carry insurance benefits, or when they do, they are at such an exorbitant prices that they cannot pretend to afford those benefits.”

“The venter that says we should stop fighting terrorism and learn to live with it is no better than the terrorists themselves.”

“Doesn’t he mean, we’ll just have to learn how to die with it?”

“With copper theft becoming such a problem, why don’t we go to the source and at least temporarily shut down the recyclers who can’t seem to tell when a thief is bringing in copper?”

“If they would take the entrances to the freeway where they have the metering lights, and change those to quarter machines so people (would) have to dump in a quarter every time they get on a freeway, that would pay for just about everything you’d ever want to build for freeways.”

“Americans want to have everything. They want to be religious and capitalistic at the same time. Sorry, guys, that doesn’t work. Read the Bible again, and you will understand.”

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