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The Vent - June 30

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Posted: Saturday, June 30, 2007 7:09 am | Updated: 6:55 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Would somebody tell me why the Gilbert library needs a big-screen TV? No wonder these places are only open on short hours. Libraries are for books, not videos or TV.”

“It’s 2007, not 1917. Isn’t it about time for the city of Mesa to get out of the power business and let someone who’s experienced handle it?”

“The Queen Creek school board, like almost every other school board when they decide to cut jobs, they cut all of the low-paying jobs, all of the jobs that are actually needed in the school system. And they (keep) the high-paying jobs, those of the administration, which are not needed...those are the jobs that should be cut.”

“When my wife and I first moved to Apache Junction six months ago, we felt pretty good about it. We thought the police were pretty neat. But now we’ve learned the police are as naive as an Anaheim turnip farmer getting off of his ferry at Orange ... We can’t wait to get out of here and get back to Mesa.”

“The Legislature recently passed a bill that will give public teachers $46 million for salary increases. Please tell me why the Scottsdale school district needs a bond election for tens of millions of dollars for the same cause?”

“Senate Bill 1164 is not a public education bill. It is a money-grabbing bill. Tribune, when your editorial (June 22) booms good riddance to Christopher Verde school district, a district authorized by law and a favorable vote of the people, I also say good riddance to the Tribune and the governor, if she signs SB1164 into law.”

“Some woman, I think it was George Bush’s sister, took over our homeowners association here in Scottsdale. She managed to spend $200,000 of our money over eight months before she went back to Minnesota for the summer. God help us all.”

“We live close to the freeway and I wear earplugs to block out the birds chirping at midnight at our house. So I’m wondering, too, why we have so many birds chirping at midnight.”

“You know, it’s too hot during the day for (the birds), any more than it is for human beings. We should be happy to hear the birds. I love hearing them at night and if we stop hearing them altogether, we had better wonder what our problem is with the environment.”

“I have hundreds of birds outside, I feed them daily, and I’ve never heard a peep out of them. Of course, I keep my door closed when it’s hot outside.”

“I want to thank all of the senators who were able to stop this immigration bill. Now let’s secure our borders, and let’s go after the employers.”

“People ask what Paris (Hilton’s) purpose in life is. She constantly strokes our own egos by reminding us how much smarter and better than her we are. We love to hate her.”

“I wonder if her name was ‘Paris Motel 6’ she would be getting this much attention.”

“Paris Hilton, instead of 45 days in jail, she should have been sentenced to 45 days with us at Sky Harbor airport on the ramp in the 110 degree heat, loading and unloading aircraft. Then she might know what work is all about.”

“I’m itching to do a little traveling. I’ve seen enough of Paris. Let’s go to Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco, any place but Paris.”

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