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The Vent: January 13

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Posted: Sunday, January 13, 2008 11:50 pm | Updated: 11:07 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Mesa Riverview developer Marty DeRito recently paid $88 million cash for the Scottsdale Pavilions shopping center (Tribune Business, Tuesday). Does that tell us Marty DeRito never really needed $84 million in incentives to build the Riverview development in Mesa?”

“Russell Pearce and his buddies want to cut even more money for his education. At this rate, the only unskilled jobs that kids will be qualified for in the future is seats in the Arizona Legislature.”

“I’d like to sound off on the SRP (proposed rate) increase. When is enough going to be enough? Our utility bills in the summer are already $300 a month. It’s just getting so bad. I wish every SRP customer would put on their bill 'No more increases.’ ”

“I’m sorry about the Evans’ family who lost their 7-year-old because they let her swim behind their boat while it was running. But what’s next, a law that says it’s illegal to let your children to play behind your car while it’s running, too?”

“You can’t legislate intelligence, responsibility or morality. Why not turn your boat engine off while the kids are swimming? Why not drink a little less beer and watch your kids while their swimming?”

“Will someone explain to me why allegedly 4,000 so-called students attending universities in this state are in this country illegally and the only punishment for them is to pay out-of-state tuition? Why are they not being deported at this very moment?”

“I would to sound off on the illegal immigration and the new sanction law. My wife and I are still looking for jobs that are supposed to be happening because of the fleeing Mexicans. We can’t find none …  The reality is there are no jobs. Construction is down. That’s why they are fleeing.”

“There’s a big difference between the babies of slaves sold into slavery against their will (and illegal immigrants). They should be given citizenship along with their parents. Not so for those who sneak in this country illegally and try to milk the system for every dime they can get.”

“Birth certificates are necessary. So a different type of birth certificate should be given (to children of illegal immigrants), perhaps a transferable one to the parents’ country.”

“Mesa has all kinds of budget problems and Ron Sirrine wants to change a name of a street? That request should be put on the 'dumb things we don’t have to do’ list.”

“I agree with Sirrine that the streets in Mesa should be named after the founding fathers, like Lopez, Vasquez, Espinoza, all of those who owned the land here before the Mormons stole it.”

“To the genius (Tuesday) who called about the F Minus cartoon strip appealing only to the under 10 crowd, how the heck is F minus a 'grade point average’?”

“The energy-saving light bulbs are not as versatile as one might be led to believe. The bulbs are not intended for dimmers, electronic timers, emergency exit fixture lights and photo cells. Please read the fine print.”

“I don’t know who this inept (venter) is who thinks women blame their unhappiness on men, because men have no respect for women. They see women as a thing to take to bed and that’s it.”

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