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The Vent: March 20 || ACA, Arpaio, Congress

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Posted: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 2:30 pm

“OMG People! Enough is enough. Let Sheriff Arpaio do the job we elected him to do. Get off his back. I am so tired of hearing from these Hispanic ‘hate everything American except its money’ groups, demanding more rights than anyone in the average populace has. Give the rest of us some peace, and let us have back our world, instead of stealing it away, one piece at a time.”

“I have been invited to go to Washington to talk to Congress about the economy. The only thing I can say is Obama killed it, which I told them 3 years ago.”

“Obamacare, aka Affordable Care Act, is causing so much turmoil in my household. My policy was perfectly fine before the on-surge of Obamacare caused it to be cancelled. Now I am forced to pay so much more for certain conditions such as maternity that I do not want or need. My spouse and I can’t even talk about it without an argument and tears. Just hurry up and close the enrollment period so I can get on with my life and my relatively bad decision to pay the higher premium for another year.”

“Detective Hobbs — the local tv stations are taking this hero worship a little to far. Channel 5 went so far as to put his picture on all its newscasts. What about the four-year-old little girl that died last week in the West Valley? Where is her ‘100-Club’?”

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