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The Vent: July 30 -- Illegal immigration; minimum wage

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Posted: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 12:01 pm

“Is it true that the United States is the only developed country which allows children born to illegal immigrants to become citizens if born here?”

“Minimum wage was established as a safety net, but too many cynical employers have turned it into a standard, forcing a burden on taxpayers to feed and support their employees through social welfare programs. This is a very treacherous way to create personal wealth.”

“(In regard to the July 23 Vent on minimum wage...) OMG! What planet have you been vacationing on for the past 25 years?! (Or maybe I should ask, how old are you?) You mention ‘stop-gap income’ and ‘interim jobs.’ I’m ‘old’ enough to remember when people got relatively regular cost of living adjustments and holiday bonuses and ‘managers’ or bosses only made 10 or maybe 20 times more than the average worker. Now, so-called ‘employers’ are just pocketing whatever profits there are and making 40 times more, while wages for the average worker have remained stagnant (or have worsened, economically speaking) since the late 1970s. And those of us who have that ‘education’ are desperately seeking ‘interim jobs’ because those are the only ones available. It won’t hurt ‘employers’ to pay everyone a little bit more. They did it before.”

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