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The Vent: June 21

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Posted: Saturday, June 21, 2008 9:08 pm | Updated: 11:43 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“To the lady given $50,000 grants in home improvement (Tribune, Wednesday), you sound selfish and ungrateful. You should be thankful for someone handing you $50,000 worth of improvements.”

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“To the lady given $50,000 grants in home improvement (Tribune, Wednesday), you sound selfish and ungrateful. You should be thankful for someone handing you $50,000 worth of improvements.”

Have more to say? Send in your vent

“While I have some sympathy for Deborah Kimball’s problem, I’m a little confused as to why she thought a government-funded program would yield satisfactory results. Hopefully, the lesson she is teaching her sons is that there is no such thing as a free lunch.”

“So people are getting $50,000 from us taxpayers to pay for home repairs? There is something very wrong with this picture. Everyone can come up with a story why they need more money. Do not rely on taxpayers to bail you out, period!”

“That new city of Mesa logo is horrid. There’s no design to it. No wonder it was done for free. My 6-year-old could have done a better job.”

“Can any of the Mesa police officers explain to me why a 17-year-old child, or a man — an idiot I should say — can be arrested 10 times for burglary and once for a stolen car and is still able to run around the streets shooting at innocent people?”

“Anybody who thinks that people who are 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds are not going to be idiots are idiots themselves as far as this cruising issue. Mesa does not need cruising. This is a stupid idea whose time has past.”

“Bringing cruising back to downtown Mesa, great idea!”

“No wonder Mesa is in financial trouble. If it takes us $400,000 to administrate a $2.4 million grant … then we have no business even considering passing any bonds.”

“The citizens of Mesa should stop asking their city for more libraries, park programs and bus riders, and start asking your neighbors to pass a property tax. That’s the only way you’re going to pay for these.”

“Mesa is broke again? Close the arts center, save the

$6.5 million a year subsidy, and let the people in Scottsdale go to the Tempe arts center.”

“When are Gilbert’s mayor, Steve Berman, and his nemesis, Fred Phillis, going to grow up? Gilbert residents — I am one — are sick of hearing about their battles, particularly since Fred Phillis so desperately wants Mayor Berman ousted, but has no plan beyond that.”

“For months we’ve been reading in our Tribune that Fred Phillis needed 900 and some signatures to have an election to recall Mayor Berman. Now we’re told that there was a mistake by the town of Gilbert and they need a thousand more? I think there should be an investigation in here. … There’s something fishy going on at town hall.”

“Fred Phillis and his so-called group should be made to pay all the expenses they create. He sounds like a very spoiled child. Taxpayers should not have to put up any money for his hissie fit.”

“I guess again the mayor of Gilbert showed his lack of morals and ethics by not speaking up on the signatures needed. It’s just unbelievable that a man with no morals and no ethics can be elected mayor by less than 5 percent of the population.”

“Hey, Mayor Steve Berman. When did honesty and decency become a conflict of interest? If you aren’t worried about your job, you shouldn’t be worried about the recall. You should have spoken up.”

“With all of the questions being raised about Johnson Utilities, all of us residents who have no choice but to use them are sure glad that maybe, and it’s about time, that someone investigates them.”

“(Reference Hunt Highway wrecks:) Two lanes may have something to do with all the wrecks. That said, it’s the idiots passing the car in front of them that cause the wrecks.”

“I want to shop locally and support my city, Gilbert. So I go to a nice, upscale bicycle shop with $2,000 burning a hole in my pocket. I go in and for 15 minutes, not one Generation-X employee said anything to me or asked if they could help me. … Too bad Gilbert, but today Tempe got my sales tax revenue.”

“Regarding speed zone cameras in school zones in the Vent Friday, this is one more step toward keeping children safe, not total government control. Get a reality check.”

“Does anyone else have a problem with Mesa Public Schools putting a new sign at the corner of Power and Brown? With all of these budget cuts on, why are we spending tax dollars on a new Red Mountain complex sign?”

“For the venter who says the only place to eat in Mesa are taco stands: We live in Tempe and do most of our dining out in Mesa — Organ Stop Pizza, Bill Johnson’s Big Apple, Mimi’s, Black Angus, Olive Garden, Village Inn, Whataburger, etc.”

“Monday morning, I had two squirrels in my backyard all morning from 9:30 to about 12 in the vicinity south of Thomas off of Granite Reef. I wonder whether anyone else saw these squirrels, too, because I got some pictures but not with a very good camera. I would like to know what to do. I am not nuts.”

“With the new mayor’s race coming in, I wish somebody would address immigration and the drop houses in Scottsdale. Nobody seems to want to talk about it.”

“If I were the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Community, I’d tell Craig Jackson we have this nice land next to our 15-story hotel/casino. Tell us what you want and we’ll build it, no questions asked.”

“To those of you who have been fighting light rail coming up Scottsdale Road: With $4 gas this year, in a couple of years, you guys are going to be begging for it.”

“City employees are still leaving the city, Frank Gray being the latest in a long line. Gee, could that mean that Jan Dolan was not the primary problem with employee morale? Could it mean that some are tired of the antics of half our council — the half that can’t get anything done? For those of you not paying attention that would be Lane, Littlefield and Nelssen.”

“Jim Lane suggests cuts in taxes because he knows they can be cut. We’ve got a mayor who’s blind, deaf and dumb and can’t handle the revenue of the city.”

“If Jim Lane is willing to try and get rid of Scottsdale’s ridiculous sales tax on food, I’ll sure vote for him. I make all big-ticket purchases now, to be sure, in Phoenix.”

“(Kevin) Osterman was rejected by Scottsdale voters for a second term and we now reject his attempt to bring negative, bulldog attacks on candidates into this city election. Get another life, Osterman!”

“Thank God Scottsdale is doing something about this stagnant water in pools. West Nile is very, very serious. My grandson had it two years ago, and we almost lost him.”

“Why isn’t the trolley system in Scottsdale offered to those of us who live in the north? Why is it just those in the south who get free trolley service to Fashion Square?”

“Chaparral Park is being overrun by pigeons, but they don’t stay there. Two blocks away, I had to take down my bird feeder because the pigeon invasion crowds out the small birds and leaves a splotchy mess on my patio. Can something be done about the proliferation of these dirty birds?”

“I’m calling about the sales drop reported for downtown (Tribune, Wednesday). It’s about time. The hotels and the restaurants have been pricing themselves out of the market for years.”

“If you thought downtown Scottsdale sales were off now, wait until the trains start running and the rest of the business goes to Phoenix and Tempe.”

“Miss Marsha Stewart of Scottsdale decorating her fence with yellow ribbons of the fallen soldiers (Tribune, Wednesday) is quite commendable. However, I see no difference in her decorating her fence and (Henry) Becker decorating his property.”

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