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The Vent: Nov. 9 2012

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Posted: Friday, November 9, 2012 8:02 am

“May I be so brash as to query: When does the ‘media’ have the authority to ‘call’ an election? The votes aren’t officially counted and the media is naming the president. Not only is this Chicago politics as usual, maybe there’s a south-of-the-border train of thought as well.”

“Well, we found out what happens when the irresistible force of conservatism meets the unmovable object of reality: It ricochets into the popular force of progressive.”

“If President Obama thinks he inherited a mess last time around, wait until he gets a load of what’s waiting for him this time!”

“OK, the liberal, progressive socialists have won. Now I’ll sit back and watch my country dissolve into chaos. It will be super saver mode for me, which means no purchases that I don’t absolutely need. I’ll have to save for the increases in taxes so the socialists can redistribute my money.”

“Romney’s highest percentage win — 73 percent — came from Utah. However he lost his home states of Michigan and Massachusetts. Obama won every state he’s ever lived in, Hawaii, California, New York, Illinois and Washington D.C. However he likely did tie Donald Trump in Kenya and Indonesia!”

“Got news for all you recipients of the Obama bailouts who voted for him: What does he need you for now?”

“After failing to buy the United States, businessman Mitt Romney announced he would attempt a hostile takeover of Canada.”

“I saved this gem from the Vent four years ago when Obama won: ‘To all of the gun owners, you had better hide your weapons because the first major thing on Obama’s list of things to do is to get rid of the Second Amendment and confiscate all of your weapons.’ Remember all of the gun laws Obama proposed? Me either. So, when the fear mongers start wailing, just remember how wrong they have been recently.”

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