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The Vent: Feb. 10

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Posted: Friday, February 10, 2012 7:00 am

"I have Cox cable, internet and phone, yet several times a week I receive flyers trying to convince me to switch to Cox. Does their billing and sales departments not talk to each other? Maybe they should change their name to Cox No Communication!"


"Madonna's performance was boring. Who wants to watch an over-the-hill temptress lip sync music that was marginal when it was first performed over 20 years ago? The NFL and NBC got what they deserved inviting her and her cohorts."


"Folks, don't you get a kick out of the Liberals, Progressives and Democrats always referring to Obama as the ‘POTUS' (President Of The United States)? I think they have this confused with what everybody else refers to Obama, the "putz" in the White House."


"Control illegal immigration and the economy will automatingly be helped. More jobs available, less welfare to pay out."


"(We need to) stay the (heck) out of countries who want to kill their people. We do not need another war or our young people dying because of their stupidity."


"I've heard that some believe the Tea Party people will have no influence in the Republican party primary, and that the movement is dying. The Tea Party was never meant to be a national organization. It is a grassroots movement, and that is where you will find it - at the local and state level."


"You gotta wonder what State Senator Lori Klein has been sniffing. She wants to take a perfectly good public safety law: ‘keep your dog on a leash when in public' and feed it to the dogs. She asks whether it's proper for HOA's to fine dog owners who let their mutts run free to deposit their dog doo on their neighbor's property and assault neighbors, including young children. Yes Lori, that's exactly what HOA's ought to be doing. In fact Lori, sounds like it's time to put you on a short leash as well."


"Jon Beydler stepped over the line in his last Guest Commentary by saying that George W. Bush and his ‘group of losers' couldn't catch bin Laden. Those people he is calling ‘losers' are heroes - members of the U.S. Military. Not funny, Jon. Not funny."


"Below zero temperatures and unusually heavy snow (3 to 7 feet high) barreled across Europe this month. The European Union considers ‘global warming' to be a scientific fact, but with Europe is in the freezer the climate experts have gone silent."


"The federal government continues to pays $120 million yearly to federal retirees that are dead, according to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and federal agencies. Not including about $687 million mistakenly paid to delinquent government contractors and beneficiaries. The federal government continues to add $2.5 billion more to the national debt every day as the U.S. is facing a $15.5 trillion debt."

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