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The Vent - March 22

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Posted: Thursday, March 22, 2007 6:37 am | Updated: 7:47 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“I’ve had enough with the idiots on the news media fussing about the Indians building the (Grand Canyon) Skywalk. It’s their land and we’ve abused them for years. So why fuss a little about something that takes up about 200 feet of the canyon?”

“They have ruined the Grand Canyon. Once they start building on the side of it, it’s never going to stop.”

“Americans are so gullible. You have been paying premium prices for socalled premium pet food, and now it comes out it all was made in the same Canadian factory.”

“HOAs are the best thing that ever happened in Arizona. No motor homes, no boats, no trailers parked in driveways and on the street.”

“I hope the Arizona Legislature will keep in mind that parked vehicles on neighborhood streets block the view of children and prevent motorists from seeing them.”

“I’ve got a pig (for a) neighbor who has been living on my block for about a year and a half. Why does the HOA leave him alone and why does the HOA bother most of the other people, even for a little bush that may hang over the sidewalk?”

“My wife and I took a drive through areas of Mesa and Gilbert where there were HOAs and no HOAs. What a difference. We decided we will buy where there are HOAs only.”

“I’m old Marine Corps. I used to trust my presidents with my life. I wouldn’t trust George Bush as far as I could throw him over this (Alberto) Gonazles deal.”

“During a recent Senate election, Jon Kyl made it very clear how wired he was in Washington … However, when Washington decided to sack the U.S. attorney for Arizona, Kyl suddenly claims to be out of the loop, not notified in advance and completely powerless to do anything about it.”

“If you didn’t do anything wrong, if you didn’t break any laws and you didn’t plan on lying, why would you have any problem testifying under oath?”

“In reference to President Bush being targeted by the liberal press and the liberals, I believe he ought to call a national news conference and fire every one of the U.S. attorneys on national TV.”

“In Matthew 25 is a parable of Jesus called the Parable of the Talents. In it, the master rewarded the servant who made the most money. So stop using biblical arguments to blast Halliburton.”

“I propose a quote from (Wednesday)’s paper that ‘we moved out here to get away from all of it and it all came out to us,’ for our new state motto.”

“I mail out about 50 Christmas cards, so the (postage) increase will cost me another dollar. Big deal. I think a dollar is a small, small price to pay for what, most of the time, is nextday delivery. Go post office!”

“So a spoiled rotten Boy Scout kid missed his friends and wanted a helicopter ride? He should do community service until all … of the money on his rescue is paid up.”

“Tom Patterson, why don’t you go back to the emergency room and trim nails or whatever you did there. I’m tired of you dumping on (Janet) Napolitano. She’s the best governor we have had in this state for the last 24 years.”

“(Rep. Jeff) Flake isn’t paid to represent the United States. He is paid to represent his district, which he does not do.”

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