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The Vent - December 2

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Posted: Saturday, December 2, 2006 1:59 am | Updated: 2:45 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“(Gov.) Napolitano is an idiot. A repeat felon who is convicted in Maricopa County and sent to prison is a repeat felon who doesn’t commit a crime in Pima, Pinal or any other county tomorrow.”

“The word is now — teachers need our help now, not tomorrow or the next day. Show your support for the Pappas teachers and all of the teachers in our state.”

“In Wednesday’s editorial about the (Mesa) Riverview giveaway, I wonder why there was no mention that a well-designed and well-managed municipal golf course will be destroyed in the process.”

“Sen. Karen Johnson (Vent, Thursday) is missing more than the facts.”

“Sen. Karen Johnson is 100 percent correct regarding the North American Union. You are being sold a slick-worded part of the one-world globalist government that George Bush is pushing.”

“Pretty ironic, something that rightwing fanatic Karen Johnson and I can finally agree on. Funny that it’s her own Republican Party that’s doing it, huh?”

“There is no other way to say it. Karen Johnson is just flipping nuts.”

“When is the illegal immigrant group going to realize that the people who get to vote are the legal immigrants who play by the rules, who are just as sick of the illegal onslaught as everyone else?”

“To Elias Bermúdez on his plans to boycott American goods next month in support of illegal immigration (Tribune, Thursday): buena suerte, (or) good luck. There aren’t any American goods.”

“If Nestle’s buys out Gerber food company, does that mean there will be more chocolate-flavored vegetables for the little ones?”

“I am a liberal Democrat and I listen avidly to Air America Phoenix. However, I am very tired of Dr. Michael Newcomb in the morning constantly interjecting the name of Jesus Christ in every show.”

“As a veteran of the Air Force, Navy and the Army, I would be more than happy to help the man to see that his son leaves the country if the draft is reinstated. Being a patriot doesn’t mean you have to be a stupid idiot.”

“Why won’t you print what I have to say? Are you chicken?”

“All of these stores are just looking for your money. Put Christ back into Christmas and pray for a better world.”

“So President Bush’s friends are trying to raise $500 million for his library. The oil companies can cover that with just a couple of days of profits.”

“Why is the new Ecuadoran president calling Bush dim-witted? I’ll bet he’s never read ‘My Pet Goat.’ ”

“I don’t expect Bill Clinton or anybody to turn down a Rhodes scholarship rather than serve in Vietnam. But (Rep.) Charlie Rangel sure would.”


“Regarding Madonna and (Angelina) Jolie, someone asked ‘why go to Africa when so many children right here in America deserve to be adopted?’ I would say that would not give them enough publicity.”

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