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The Vent: Nov. 12

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Posted: Saturday, November 12, 2011 2:03 am

“Where is the Democratic Party in Arizona? Why hasn’t it started a recall for Governor Brewer? Her actions in regard to the redistricting commission seem to border on criminal. Why don’t we hear a peep from the Democrats?”

“It is interesting that the news media has not mentioned that Jon Corzine, who is a former Senator and former Governor of New Jersey, is a Democrat. Jon Corzine, who headed MF Global, is now involved in a scandal and investigation regarding $600,000.000.00 funds missing from the firm. If he was a Republican, the press would be all over publicizing that fact.”

“Holder blames Congress for not giving enough support to the ATF. Under Holder the ATF is a runaway agency and should be shut down. So far the only proof shown of guns being smuggled south are those the ATF allowed to go. The system already in place would have stopped them. A case of the Obama administration creating an issue to try and distract from their own incompetence.”

“It is no surprise that a former Air Force pilot considers the F-35 “critical”. There is no shiny new toy the military does not want, cost what it may. Many of the features the writer claims the F-35 sports are yet to be developed. In the end, it may have them or not, and the cost will without doubt be higher than its already astronomical asking price. The U.S already enjoys military superiority on land, sea and air over all other nations. The writer warns us that Russia and China are working on modern war planes too. We already spend more on military hardware than they do. In fact we spend more on war making capability than the rest of the world combined. We must not let unreasonable fear drive us into the poor house.”

“I can’t believe how many people are blaming President Obama for all the things that are wrong with the country today. You never heard of “homeless people” before the Reagan era. He gave us what he knew: that he and all his believers in him were on a Hollywood set, a fantasy where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. George W Bush bankrupted every company that his father let him run and he bankrupted the U.S. Obama is stuck with the fallout just as the investors that believed in Bernie Madoff. It takes more than four years to straighten this out. Wake up people and see who is really at fault here.”

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