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The Vent: Feb. 6

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Posted: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 11:14 am

“I realize the purpose of the ‘Vent’ column is to entertain with quirky, off-the-cuff, sometimes biased and unsolicited items. However, when editing such items to appear in a public newspaper, it would seem grossly improper to allow such blatant and derogatory references to our President Obama as a ‘dope.’...... cheap, tacky, ignorant, un-American and certainly NOT funny.”

“Background checks serve the same purpose as a locked door, it’s not going to stop a criminal, but it will keep an honest person honest. A background check will keep an honest gun dealer honest. It will certainly slow down this crazy, anything goes, free-for-all that has turned the 2nd amendment into a deadly mockery.”

“I just saw the picture of King Obama skeet shooting, I am surprised he knew which end the shot comes out!”

“Notice how desperately OLD Britney Spears appears and how thick her makeup has gotten? Sad when time and gravity sap the life out of celebrities who thought they ruled the world.”

“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insisted Benghazi was because of a video even though she had the facts showing it was indeed a terrorist attack, and now she is accusing critics of her handling of it as “refusing to accept the facts.” Priceless, simply priceless!”

“All this flap over the Subway ‘foot-long’ sub sandwich being 11 inches long certainly proves that some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands. I’m curious — are these folks now going to go hang out at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or a lumber yard and make a fuss? I mean, how long has it been since a 2-by-4 has really measured two inches by four inches?”

“People keep mentioning the lack of funding for security in Benghazi. The truth is (and I know Democrats and Mr. ‘Truth’ can’t handle it) funds are being wasted everywhere in the State Department. Where there are actual shortfalls in funding the available avenues for more money were never attempted. Also, maybe we can’t be everywhere to protect everyone but the British knew to pull out of Benghazi six months before all these events. That would have required no funding at all. Obama and Clinton are incompetent and all the lies in the world cannot hide that fact.”

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