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The Vent - March 10

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Posted: Saturday, March 10, 2007 4:05 am | Updated: 5:57 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“I’m afraid the Hualapai tribe would have to pay me $25 to walk out on that thing hanging over the edge of the Grand Canyon.”

“(Thursday’s) Tribune headline, ‘Illegals filling construction jobs.’ Tomorrow’s headline, ‘Sun rises in the east.’ ”

“There are lots of problems with shoddy construction in this state and an estimated one-third of construction workers are here illegally. Someone who is willing to sneak into the country is willing to say they are a plumber or electrician when they know nothing about it.”

“I think the American motorist has to face reality. The petroleum companies are not going to be satisfied until they have our bank accounts completely drained.”

“If our governor, Janet, went over to the Middle East and the federal government paid for it, who do you think the federal government is? Isn’t it the common person in the United States? In other words, we paid for the trip for her.”

“It’s 9:45 tonight and I’m laying on my chaise lounge in my shorts and sandals. It is beautiful. I love Arizona.”

“How come every March we skip the 70s (on the temperature gauge)? We go right from the 60s into the 80s, every stinking year it seems like. We get five days, maybe six days, of 70-degree high temperatures and then it’s gone!”

“To both of you worried about Bush pardoning Libby (Vent, Thursday), where were you when Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, the biggest tax cheat in the history of the United States?”

“Why should any president, Republican or Democrat, be able to pardon someone? That’s not democracy. That’s dictatorship.”

“It would be great to reach a free clash of ideas on an equal basis in the schoolroom. But with the uniondominated teachers, all you have is one side, which is liberal.”

“Shame on you. Korea was never a declared war.”

“Why can’t native Indians see the use of the ‘squaw’ and ‘chief’ as honoring them instead of demeaning to them?”

“We should all be very grateful that the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission is paying attention to Palo Verde, even though the Arizona company that runs it does not.”

“Why is it that those underperformers in Washington can’t make one simple decision? Eliminate all incandescent lights. Sell fluorescents, just like they did in Australia. One sweeping move, took them about 10 minutes.”

“The venter who thinks the media never printed anything bad about Clinton obviously was in a coma from 1992 to 2000.”

“Clinton was ridiculed for his personal life, which the media should stay out of, not for the way he ran the country.”

“A little over a month ago, my doctor found a lump in my left breast. I still have another month to go before any clinic can get me in for a diagnostic mammogram. So much for early detection.”

“Dump the welfare system and put the American people back to work.”

“The Bush administration should not mistake Iran’s current combat readiness for that of Iraq in March 2003.”


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