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The Vent: July 3, 2013

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Posted: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 12:07 pm

“Every year it is the same thing. We watch while our state burns, the only thing that changes is the location! When will the environmentalist wackos be arrested and put in jail where they belong. They impede any effort to clean up the forest. They get their lefty judges to erect roadblocks for the least attempt! Just think how much forest would still be here if it had been cleaned up. Now nineteen brave firefighters have paid with their lives! Thanks environmentalists!”

“Bill Clinton signed DOMA and is now opposed to it. Mrs. Clinton probably told him he changed his mind.”

“Have you ever really watched a motorcycle cop on patrol? Texting while cruising on the freeway is no big thing. I like your style, You go buddy!”

“I would like to hear from the teachers at Miami’s Norland High School. How can a ‘student’ like Rachel Jeantel get to become a senior in high school? Are they required to pass them on to the next grade with poor or failing grades, or are they doing it to just get rid of them. With her attitude, I would guess it to be the latter.”

“In this day and age is it possible for a non-minority to be non-racist? And if you were racist but became enlightened and are not now racist (even though that may be impossible), how many decades does it take after enlightenment to be considered rehabilitated?”

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