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The Vent: November 15

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Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2007 9:02 pm | Updated: 7:11 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“The Gilbert teacher who was basically forced to resign for doing a cheerleading dance in front of her class, I hope the parents of those people who complained, none of their kids ever attend a football game. How ridiculous in this day and age.”

“Thank God for unions in America, except for Gilbert, Ariz., where (Town Manager) George Pettit and his ilk won’t allow the workers a voice or a seat at the table to discuss any of the pending issues that make Gilbert one of the best cities in America.”

“So I look up the Gilbert library’s phone number in the phone book, which is brand new. I call that number. They say their number has been changed. I call the new number they give out, and the system doesn’t work. Where is my money going to?”

“We all know the city of Mesa always has a financial crisis. But the least they could do is fund a Veterans Day parade to honor all of the veterans in the past wars. If it wasn’t for those folks, they wouldn’t be around to have any parades.”

“As a local resident, I’ve watched the burning at Talley (Defensive Systems) for many years. It’s an event that lasts, maybe, 3 or 4 seconds and then is completely invisible within 10 seconds after that. Mr. Brittle would have them put that same hazardous material on the highways and expose hundreds if not thousands to take it somewhere to do the same thing elsewhere.”

“The Mesa City Council is at it again, now trying to make its subjects pay for an extension of the pokey, 19th century technology light-rail line that no one will ride. This is truly the streetcar named bizarre.”

“Why can’t politicians have multi-tasking? We’re recreating the street car, great. Why, at the same time, can’t they start the inter-city train service? It just takes a little brains.”

“I’m a veteran. I’d like to know why Apache Junction schools had school (Monday) on a federal holiday. I know they had a big parade over the weekend. But I still think they should let the children out on Veterans Day to help celebrate myself being a veteran.”

“Hey, Fresh ’N Easy, put one of your grocery stores in Apache Junction. We have 35,000-plus winter visitors and only two grocery stores.”

“OK, we passed the two bond overrides for Scottsdale. And then what do we hear? Another person from Saguaro High School arrested, looking under girls’ dresses or whatever, taking pictures … When is the district going to spend a few bucks screening the people they hire?”

“After reading the article (Thursday), ‘District studies how to split override funds,’ I hope I don’t regret voting ‘yes’ on the override. I was under the impression as, I’m sure, many were, that the district already knew how and where it was going to spend the funds. This article makes it sound like they have no clue.”

“How would one go about recalling activists so we can get something done in south Scottsdale? Oh, that’s right. We didn’t elect them. So I guess we can’t recall them. Hmm. Who does that leave? Bob Littlefield? Maybe we can work on that.”

“It’s the people who have moved here in the past 20 years that have built Scottsdale to what it is. To person who thinks that everybody in the past 20 years has somehow ruined Scottsdale, you’re living in the past.”

“Who says the Scottsdale City Council are a do-nothing bunch? They spend every waking minute of the day figuring out where to dig up Scottsdale Road next. They have no respect for the motorists.”

“They said we couldn’t have light rail because it would mean construction on Scottsdale Road. Well, with all of the construction on Scottsdale Road, I guess we shouldn’t have cars there, either.”

“After in reading (Saturday’s) Tribune yet another opinion by the compulsively opinionated Gary Boyd, I can understand why the citizens of Scottsdale rejected his bid to become a council member in 2006. This guy makes Mark Scarp look insightful, by comparison.”

“Please don’t call WestWorld land unused. It’s undestroyed, natural.”

“I think what to do with 80 acres (at WestWorld) is kind of a no-brainer. The Barrett-Jackson auto auction is biggest event in Scottsdale. It brings in $100 million into the economy.”

“The gay Mormon column (Opinion 2, Wednesday) kind of sounds like a recruitment poster, if you ask me. What’s the church supposed to do when the population of the gays surpasses the population of the married men and women. It’s kind of rough to have the church continue on without any kids running around, huh?”

“Mr. (Robert) Parker, God bless you. Your message may keep a young person from committing suicide which, unfortunately, some gay people see as the only way out of a life of persecution for their biological circumstances.”

“That almost homeless veteran who was pictured (in Wednesday’s Tribune) was shown with his wife. Isn’t she working? Some of us are in our 60s, mid-60s, and still working.”

“Your headline saying vets are homeless is very misleading. You should say people with addiction and gambling problems can’t find housing.”

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