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The Vent

The Vent: Jan. 26 || Education funding; Exercise; Congress
Posted: January 26, 2015

“With all the rain and snow this year the drought is over for now. But no matter how much water we get from the weather, someone is always saying we still have a drought so we can keep those use of water prices going. What a scam!”

“This venter is full of disgust. President Obama laid out pretty sound issues for the future. The leadership in Congress did nothing but scoff at his successes and proposals after his address. The responses were just an embarrassment to the party. They act more like spoiled children on a playground in need of a spanking rather than more money. The next day they fall on bended knee praying for guidance to their golden calf, the abortion issue. Mentally ill people have a better sense of purpose in life than the leadership in Congress.”

“Back in the 1960s and 1970s we didn’t have people riding in double-wide motorized scooters because they are too fat to walk. But we do today. Why? The answer is in the bread, cereal and chip isles of our grocery stores.”

“The recent announcement that Dysart School District is firing 143 teachers, losing full-day kindergarten, and increasing class sizes to 38 should provide a wake-up call for all of us. Similar devastating cuts are on their way to our own districts. The reason? The failure of the voters to understand the critical need for budget overrides and vote for them. Overrides are necessary because our state legislators (and the governor and superintendent of education) do not prioritize education spending. We have a choice: support overrides, or vote these tight-fisted politicians intent on starving schools out of office.”

The Vent: Jan. 25 || NFL; Patriots; Gov. Doug Ducey
Posted: January 25, 2015

“The NFL football league should adopt a new policy. The home team supplies ALL the footballs. The NFL supplies ALL the footballs for the Super Bowl. No more ‘inflatagate.’ Problem solved.”

“Regarding the alleged football deflation by the Patriots, where is the joy in winning a game if you cheated? Seems like a hollow victory to me.”

“How long will the NFL allow the Patriots to bring in to question the integrity of the league? I am thinking forever. Which raises the questions, did the league ever have integrity? Should the taxpayers around the country sue for a refund for all the stadiums they have built?”

“I see that Gov. Ice Cream Cone (the worst governor in Arizona history) didn’t take long to mess things up by trying to steal money from living veterans. Help the surviving vets with state funds and get volunteer groups and individuals to pay/assist with cemetery upkeep. The legislators that holler about vets rights should be the first ones out there with rakes, shovels, and lawn mowers.”

The Vent: Jan. 22 || Food stamps; Terrorism; George Zimmerman
Posted: January 22, 2015

“Just read an article that listed the seven top states with the highest percentage of people on Food Stamps. The District of Columbia is No. 1 with almost 1 in 4 receiving Food Stamps. I thought we were paying our representatives better than that.”

“Illegal entry over our border with Mexico involves people and/or terrorists from 72 countries including Syria. Why, then, is there no razor wire topping the fence? It is used to keep folks ‘out’ or ‘in’ depending on whether it’s at a junk yard or prison, but one can watch on television the line of “immigrants” ready to climb over the uncovered fence. Whose dumb idea was that?”

“Faux News was highly critical of no one from the Obama administration showing up to join the rest of the world leaders for the Paris Unity March against terrorism last Sunday, but I suspect they were just saving jet fuel to keep their carbon footprint down.”

“God looks out for small children, drunks and George Zimmerman he has been arrested four times, always armed, and never even gets his hair messed up. While unarmed minorities get shot multiple times, strangled, and killed Florida’s Stand Your Ground law must include a lifetime supply of get out of jail free cards.”

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