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The Vent: Sept. 15 || Racism; politics; minimum wage
Posted: September 15, 2014

“Racism means lots of things to different people. The news is full of racism articles, where certain people are saying a white cop shooting a black kid is racist. Is it not just as racist to assume that the white cop is guilty of murder and racism before all the facts are in?”

“The idea that people benefit by corporations paying excessive taxes are just fooling themselves. I hate to break the news to you gullible believers of Democrat lies, but corporations don’t pay taxes, they just pass them along to consumers. That’s right, you pay the taxes that are assessed on corporations each and every time you purchase their products!”

“The same Republicans who were stupid enough to nominate Len Munsil in 2006 are still stupid enough to nominate Doug Ducey in 2014. Proves that the Republican voters in Arizona haven’t learned anything.”

“Channel 5 reports that it is impossible for a family of four to survive on less than $60,000 per year. Wow. Where are they living? Most employers in Arizona do not believe in paying $25,000 per year, since they can hire as many illegals as they want on far less.”

“The SEIU agitated fast-food workers to strike for a $15 minimum wage with chants like: ‘Hold the pickles, hold the fries, make my wages supersize!’ Too bad for them. The real effect of this effort is more like: ‘Nuke my pickles, nuke my fries, nuke my job with union lies!’ ”

The Vent: Sept. 14 || Ferguson; Obama; cycling
Posted: September 14, 2014

“Linda Turley-Hansen’s column about musky teenagers kind of gives me the creeps. As to the content, if the NRA has their way, we will all have guns and the discussion will have to shift to ‘size matters!’ ”

“Who at ADOT made the boneheaded decision after the storm on Monday to use my neighborhood street at Val Vista Drive and Hampton Avenue as a retention basin by draining water from US 60 and pumping it up our storm drains, potentially flooding our homes? If we had flood damage, we could have filed lawsuits against the state since this was not an act of God, but done purposely by ADOT.”

“As an avid cyclist, my vote goes to the candidate that will put a bike lane on every street.”

“President Obama was able to unite 28 nations to resolve the situations in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine, but cannot unite Congress. It would be different if all 28 nations depended on campaign contributions to exist. In this country, leadership is measured in wealth and followers are slaves to it.”

“There are no longer looters; they are now undocumented shoppers!”

The Vent: Sept. 10 || Corporate taxes; HOAs; Jeff Flake
Posted: September 10, 2014

“In 1952, corporate America paid 32 percent of all federal taxes. Today, they pay less than 10 percent and one out of four profitable corporations pay nothing in federal taxes.”

“Is there anything, anything at all we can do to get rid of the HOAs and the losers that work for them?”

“How many ASU students attended the first football game for which they pay a $150 special fee?”

“Really, a 9-year-old girl with a Uzi; typical AZ mentality, isn’t it? Have the parents take some courses; too late now.”

“I find it interesting that Sen. Jeff Flake received a business award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Gilbert One of his solutions for changing the funding structure is to increase the retirement age from 65 to 70. If all of us had the retirement benefits that are given to retired senators and representatives, perhaps Jeff’s ideas would be better received by the general population. Once again, Jeff’s family needs him much more than Washington needs him. He needs to spend quality time with his family and monitor their activities.”

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