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Benjamin Sorel

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Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011 10:32 am | Updated: 11:12 am, Fri Apr 29, 2011.

Have you ever been to a place and felt that it was the best place ever? I have. That place is Arizona! We have amazing plants, animals and mining. We are well known for all of our copper. It is very valuable, just like us. I’m proud to live in Arizona.

One reason to be proud to live in Arizona is because of the animals. If you knew how many animals there were, you would stand gaping. There are spiders, snakes, rats, tortoises, birds, lizards, squirrels and even fish! Some look opulent, like white winged doves. Some don’t look as fancy, like the Gila monster, a lizard. You should stay away from some animals in Arizona because they could be dangerous.

Another reason I’m proud to live in Arizona is because of the plants. We have admirable cacti, and superb trees. One tree we have is the mesquite tree. It is used for many purposes like charcoal, fabric, medicine, gumdrops, food, and furniture. It can grow up to 30 feet! They also have a deep underground supply of water. A famous cactus is the saguaro. It can live 50-100 years. They can also grow up to 75 feet. It blossoms at 55 years old. The fruits and flowers are usually at the end of the arms of the Saguaro. The Saguaro’s blossom is also the state flower. I love Arizona’s plants!

My last reason to be proud to live in Arizona is because of our mining. Arizona produced the most copper in the U.S. in 2007! We produce so much copper, it’s unbelievable. We also have gold and silver. A job that some people have is being investors in our mineral wealth. Investors invest in all kinds of stuff, including gold, silver and copper. Some minerals are very rare and valuable, just like Arizona.

Arizona is an awesome state with amazing plants, animals and mining. I love Arizona because of its sweet environment. If you were here, you’d love it too. Arizona is a great place to live in. It may be hot, but it’s a breathtaking place to live.

• Benjamin Sorel, 4th grade, Centennial Elementary, Gilbert

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