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Merine James

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Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011 10:18 am | Updated: 11:14 am, Fri Apr 29, 2011.

Arizona is the sixth largest state in the U.S. I am proud to live in Arizona for many reasons. Arizona can state some of the nation’s best landscapes. The Grand Canyon is a great attraction to our state. The warm weather, different-cultured people and living in a wonderful neighborhood makes me proud to live in Arizona.

First of all, the warm weather is one of the reasons I like living in Arizona. I can’t bear the cold; I like the warm weather much better. Many snowbirds come to Arizona to enjoy the winter season. Although the summer climate in Arizona isn’t perfect, I am used to a warm atmosphere. Arizona is a state where it’s not cold too often, which is perfect for me.

Another reason I’m proud to live in Arizona is because of the different cultured people I know. It’s true that Arizona is not the only place like this. But as you learn about their style of life and culture, you will want to know more. I have and know many friends and other families who are from a different country and follow different cultures. I’m delighted to hear about people’s different lifestyles.

Last of all, I’m proud to live in Arizona because of the great neighborhood I live in. My neighbors were fully welcoming when I first moved into my new house. They were incredibly friendly and baked cookies for us. Besides being friendly, they were outgoing and invited us to have dinner with them. They were more than what we could ask for.

All in all, I’m proud to live in Arizona because of the wonderful neighborhood I lived in, the warm weather, and the different cultured people I know. Not everyone may support my opinions, but I have my own beliefs. I will strongly stand up and say “I am proud to live in Arizona.” I don’t know what place other people would favor, but I proudly, extremely enjoy living in Arizona.

• Merine James, age 12, Greenfield Junior High School, Gilbert

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