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Warren Nau

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Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011 10:53 am | Updated: 11:02 am, Fri Apr 29, 2011.

Arizona is the best place in the world to live. There are a lot of activities to do without worrying about the weather. It is always sunny here. You do not need to have a heavy coat to live in Arizona. In Arizona there is great weather, activities, and a lot of historic places to go.

The weather in Arizona is always nice. It is sunny and not a lot of clouds in the sky. It basically feels like summer all the time. We get some rain once in a while. We only get some sprinkles. But during monsoon season we get poured on with icy cold rain. Sometimes we will only get clouds in the sky. It means it will not be too hot and not too cold. It is nice to go outside and relax and stare at the clouds. The weather is nice but so is doing activities.

There are activities like going outside and playing sports with family or neighbors. There is soccer and we play to see who buys the other team lunch. Or there is a friendly game of tackle football at the park. There is taking our pet on adventures. I like it because my pet likes walks and I do not have to worry about the weather. It is also fun to take them to the park to play fetch. It is fun to take out the ATVs and the rhinos and go on a ride. Four Peaks and Flagstaff are so close that you can drive up there and ride around and come back home for a one-day trip.

I like to take drives to historic places. Like in Sedona were I like to go hiking and look at the mountains. There is some walking around places and you can see what the Indians built when they were there. I would like to visit the Grand Canyon. It was made by the Colorado River. There are hikes you can take down into the canyon and out the other side. There are also a lot of museums in Arizona. Their is one museum on how the Grand Canyon was formed and what they found in there. You never know what you will find out about a museum.

I love living in Arizona because I can do anything and the weather would not be an issue. I also like to play in the rain. You can play sports in the rain. I can travel to any place to ride my offroad vehicle and have fun. I can drive to any historic place in Arizona and look at the great view.

• Warren Nau, Higley High School, Gilbert

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