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Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011 10:26 am | Updated: 11:12 am, Fri Apr 29, 2011.

I have many reasons why I am proud to live in Arizona. Some of my reasons are because of the great sunny weather, the great history about the Grand Canyon. Also the incredible sports teams in Arizona, and the wonderful wildlife.

My first reason why I am proud to live in Arizona is because of the great weather we have. In Arizona you can live in the cold snow or the hot desert or even the peaceful forest. I live in Gilbert where it’s always hot in the summer. I can swim in my pool as much as I want to. In the winter I go to Flagstaff and go sledding and ice skating. Also in the fall I sometimes go camping in the peaceful weather.

My second reason is the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and more than a mile deep. From the bottom, you can see how the earth was formed by looking at the layers of rock along the canyon walls. President Teddy Roosevelt called it “the one great site every American should see.”

My third reason is the wonderful wildlife and deserts we have in Arizona. My favorite animal that lives in Arizona is the state bird, the cactus wren! Also the snakes and scorpions we have. People think Arizona’s desert is boring and lame. But actually it’s the biggest habitat that Arizona animals need. The cactus wren wouldn’t have a name without a cactus.

My last reason is the sports teams. I like our sports teams such as Cardinals, Coyotes, Suns, D-Backs and the Sun Devils because they have really cool names and colors. Also it’s because they have been winning a lot of their games. I was born in California but I think Arizona sports teams are the best. I have many reasons why I love Arizona but I can’t write more than five paragraphs. I hope you liked my reasons. The great weather, the Grand Canyon, the beautiful wildlife, and the sports teams are why I am proud to live in Arizona.      

• Kayla Rockwood, 5th grade, San Tan Elementary, Gilbert

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