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Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011 10:44 am | Updated: 11:02 am, Fri Apr 29, 2011.

Arizona is a place for beautiful places, animals and people. It is a place for people to get a good tan. In the winter, the weather is perfect. There are many places to visit here; no one is ever bored here. Living here is easy because the weather is compatible with Arizonans, there are many beautiful places here, and the safeties of us are always considered.

One might think that Arizona’s weather is tremendously hot and unbearable. That is not entirely true. In the winter time, the weather is extremely tolerable; almost perfect. In the Valley, it is not too hot, and not too cold. Up in the mountains, the snow is fluffy and perfect for snowboarding, sledding, skiing or just playing in that white, cloudy snow. Some people say that Arizona is no good because the heat is tremendous and hard to handle. Temperatures in the summer time can go up to 100 degrees! That might seem scary, but that could be fixed by one simple thing: a pool. Just because it gets blazing hot here, that does not mean we like to be sheltered in our homes doing nothing.

In Arizona, there are many places to go during summer, winter, spring and fall. During the summer, many water parks are open throughout the months. One of the popular water parks, Sun Splash, is a classic! Every kid has been there and always wants to go back every summer. Winter in Arizona is a joy and a relief to everyone here. Two major ski mountains in Arizona are located in Flagstaff and Greer. For a bunch of people living in the desert, Arizonans are pretty awesome at skiing and snowboarding!  There are also many interesting places here, such as Jumpstreet; a giant room of just trampolines and fun. There is only one Jumpstreet in the entire state. This is a popular site within the whole Valley region. What Arizona is known for is the great Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is beautiful, and it will take your breath way. Many Arizonans have visited the Canyon, and we have pride that the Canyon is what represents us as a whole.

Arizona is a comfortable place to be. There are a couple cities in Arizona that are actually a few of the safest cities in the Untied States of America. Here, it is like a small town but referenced as a state. They do not apply or force the rules on us, but the people that live here just follow the rules of their own consciousness. It makes it easy for the rest of us living who are living here.

Arizona is truly beautiful, and we do not need beaches or forests to prove that. We are all one and we all have pride in the Grand Canyon State! Living in the desert might sound a little crazy, but you have to be a little crazy to take the heat in Arizona. I love living in this state because I know things are always changing, I will never get bored, and I feel safe here.

• Adrianne Autiangco, Higley High School, Gilbert

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