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Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011 10:57 am | Updated: 11:02 am, Fri Apr 29, 2011.

Arizona is a wonderful and beautiful state. Results show that people that live in Arizona love living there. People that have lived in another state have said that they would pick Arizona over any state. The environment is different than other states, for instance, it is in fact the desert. There is a lot of brown rock, so if someone likes green, full trees, this probably would take some time to getting used to. There are numerous more advantages to this state than others. For instance the weather is amazing, the people are extremely polite and there are a million things to do besides just going to the mall every weekend.

One of the main reasons why people love to live in Arizona is because of the weather. It is very enjoyable yearly and can always be comfortable. The clothing is just like any other state, but most of the time people are wearing shorts or capris with a short sleeve shirt. People that live up north buy houses in Arizona just so they can come down in the winter. The summer can get extremely hot such as 115 degrees, but it feels so good! Every day it is just so nice to wake up and just go hit the pool, carefree and worriless about the weather. For many people, it brings happiness, which is why they live in this outstanding state. Children get to play outside all the time and parents get to enjoy themselves by watching them. It is just a wonderful environment to be in for every person out there.

The people in Arizona are by far, the best. They are so friendly it is insane! They are all so polite and treat you as if you are a part of their very own family. They know how to treat people with respect and are very well mannered. Whenever people move from a different state, they are terrified. But whenever they talk to strangers, they are welcomed as if they were their best friend. They should feel at home, which was the best feeling ever since they were scared out of my mind. Everyone has something planned or they are going to do. It feels like Arizona people are just nonstop and a lot of people love that. If a neighbor down the street is having a barbecue, everyone is invited. Everyone is busy, busy but all at the same time is very neighborly friendly.

Many people could go off for hours on what there is to do in Arizona, not alone what is around that will be a great weekend getaway. Hours away, there are all the beaches in California, Las Vegas, New Mexico for the parents, Rocky Point, Mexico for a family vacation, and there is snowboarding just a couple hours away in north Arizona. During the summer families love to go hiking, which can only be a 30-minute trip. There are many options to choose from and that is what makes it fun! A variety is always good. That just means that nobody should and will get bored. There is something to do yearly so there is no excuse! Even better, a lot of it does not cost a lot of money, so there is really no excuse!   

Arizona is an amazing state to live in. The state’s beauty and different types of topography attract all types of people from the desert lands to the mountains. These various characteristics of the state allow many different people to enjoy living here. People have confessed that they love Arizona for many reasons: the weather, the people who live here and the activities the state has to offer its residents. These reasons along with the state being a beautiful place to live allow Arizona to be a state that is totally different from any other state in the United States to live in.

• Taylor Tiner, Higley High School, Gilbert

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