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Letter: Censorship, when done right, does serve a purpose

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Posted: Sunday, November 10, 2013 10:00 pm

In response to a letter by Mr. Russell, Do you feel censored for dealing in pornography? Good!

You claim in your letter to be responding to Ms. Turley-Hansen’s column (http://evtnow.com/60i and http://evtnow.com/60j), but your letter begins as a guide to the most popular works of “degradation”-so self-serving; almost an advertisement for your bookstore!

You then begin to cry “censorship”!

I see nothing in the article by Ms. Turley-Hansen about denying your right to pollute your mind and spirit. The focus of her article is to inform the reader what will happen to one who indulges in such behavior. It also describes the effects pornography has on personal, familial and societal well-being.

Censorship, like many social mores, serves an important purpose when not carried to extremes. Some excellent examples of good censorship are the civil rights movements of the 1950s and 1960s.

An example of poor censorship is the vituperation that is heaped upon those in the “tea party” movement, because they choose to stand up to “big government” factions of political influence.

We are assured by the U. S. Constitution of our right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. You and I disagree on how that may be realized.

Our government and lawmakers determine many finer points of societal preference. They allow to you your pursuit of titillation, and allow to me my pursuit of religious expression. But no one is guaranteed a free pass to undermine the integrity of our society. Others can and will fight against such. This is part of the freedom with which we are blessed.

Patrick Shepherd


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