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Letter: McCain's priorities way off

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Posted: Monday, February 3, 2014 11:25 am

What the heck is our U.S. Sen. John McCain doing in Davos, Switzerland at some World Economic Conference. He was lecturing some “big shot” Russian Legislator about so-called “Syrian Cluster Bombs.” These weren’t cluster bombs they were “barrel bombs.” Some type of crude bomb with explosives and nails packed into a steel barrel and dropped by a helicopter of all things.

Sen. McCain: if you want to bring up “cluster bombs,” then let’s talk about the real cluster bombs that the Pentagon supplied Israel with during the 2006 Lebanon War. It seems that Hezbollah was destroying all the “indestructible” Israeli tanks from coming north into Lebanon so Israel called upon its major ally (USA) to stop Hezbollah from kicking its behind. What did the Israelis use? You guessed it: “United Nations condemned,” American-made cluster bombs that kill, wound and maim more civilians than combatants in a combat zone for years and years to come.

Sen. McCain sits on the Senate Armed Forces Committee and knows way more about this than a schmuck like me ever will.

So why does he fly to Davos, Switzerland, to garner “15 minutes of fame” and something he can talk about on CNN and the Sunday news shows? By the way, did the American taxpayer pay for his first class airplane tickets and five-star hotel rooms?

The Arizona Republican Party has censured Sen. John McCain for being more R.I.N.O. (Republican In Name Only) than “real” Republican.

There is no way to impeach or recall a U.S. senator. We are stuck with John McCain until 2016. Let’s hope that in the next two years the senator will decide to retire and save what’s left of his tattered legacy.

As a side note, let’s also hope that the “censure” of McCain will be a warning to our other U.S. senator, Jeff Flake. His support of the Utah (Mormon Church approved) compact and other pro-illegal alien “Obama” amnesty programs sure sounds like R.I.N.O politics, and not the “real” Republican politics that he was elected to represent.

Leon Ceniceros


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