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Letters: Republicans started ‘class warfare' battle

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Posted: Friday, September 23, 2011 4:00 am

Both after President Obama rolled out his jobs plan and again when he called for deficit reduction, the usual suspects in the Republican Party streamed to the microphones to accuse him of "class warfare" against the rich. Naturally, both our Arizona senators parroted the views of their leaders and corporate masters. Now, perhaps the GOP is expecting the White House and congressional Democrats to issue vociferous denials and run for cover. Don't do it! The time is now to stand tall and declare, "Yes, class warfare is exactly what this is, and we intend to lead our classes into battle!"

This class war has been going on for some time now. It started anew when Ronald Reagan launched vicious anti-union attacks designed to obliterate the working class right to organize and bargain collectively. It carried on when Newt Gingrich came forth in '94 with the Republican Contract On America which carried out systematic attacks upon the rights of women and attempted to disenfranchise as many minority voters as possible. It went into high gear under the Bush administration's tax cuts for the rich, efforts to privatize Social Security, deregulation of the banking and investment industries, and encouragement of corporations to outsource America's manufacturing jobs.

Class warfare continues now as Republicans sandbag every attempt to rescue homeowners, the unemployed, children, the elderly, women, and the minorities hardest hit by the fallout from the Wall Street greed that preyed upon them. Yes, this is class warfare, and it has been waged against most of the classes in the United States by the privileged little cabal of wealth holders who are protected by the Republican leadership in Congress and our Arizona senators and tea party House members.

Make no mistake: This is class warfare, and thanks to President Obama's recent actions, the classes most of us belong to are finally beginning to fight back.

Ron Weitbrecht, Gilbert

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