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Letters to the editor: March 5

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Posted: Friday, March 5, 2010 1:58 pm | Updated: 3:30 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

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PHOTO RADAR: Get rid of it

The federal government had decreed that to conserve finite resources the maximum speed on the roadways of the nation would be 55 mph. The Arizona Legislature, led by Libertarians such as Karen Johnson, who advocated seceding from the Union, Russell Pearce in his position as head of the Motor Vehicle Department, and others adopted laws that re-established 65 mph as the maximum on public highways of this state (ARS 28-702.01[a][c]).

In addition any resident of Arizona convicted of a violation of the 55 mph maximum speed on any “interstate system highway of another state, alleged to have driven 65 mph or less,” would have the same nonreporting advantages (ARS 28-702.03).

It is apparent that the maximum speed on the highways of Arizona and elsewhere unless so posted is and has been 65 mph. ARS 28-701(b)3 addresses the national standard of reasonable and prudent for the circumstances and conditions there existing. Only a trained officer or unimpaired driver can make such a determination, Radar or any other device lacking human judgment can not. ARS28-702 and 703 are not in effect. To apply their provisions at this time would be discriminatory.


CUBS: Build it, Mesa

I am writing to express the dire need for Mesa to build the Chicago Cubs a new spring training facility. If not, the Cubs will leave for Florida. There’s a steep Cubs tradition rooted in Mesa, and if the Cubs were to leave there would be an extreme ripple effect.

Mesa’s budget relies on tourism, and every year the Cubs draw the highest attendance figures in the state.

Now I know what you’re saying. Didn’t we just build them a new stadium called Hohokam Park? Yes. And isn’t spending the city budget on projects like education or transportation more important? Yes, but the city is one of the few in the state with no property tax. Besides sales taxes and utility sales, one of the only other ways for the city to make money is tourism. The site where the Cubs would like to play soon would contain an atmosphere just like the one you would see in Wrigleyville, Ill. It would have numerous restaurants and entertainment facilities. That would make the Cubs’ facility one of the best, and biggest, in the state, and in turn would draw in even more people to the city. The state’s third-biggest city needs to shake things up, and I know $84 million is a lot of money to spend but it’s necessary for survival.


BILINGUAL: Take another look

A note for the person who is grateful that “they live in the USA” and are not obliged to speak the many languages of the countries who manufactured their clothing. (Vent, Feb. 14).

They certainly can’t be among those involuntarily furloughed from employment. One-half to two-thirds of the jobs posted by assorted agencies carry in their job description that being “bilingual is required.”

That’s usually listed just before the average starting salary of $8 to $9 per hour for many jobs.


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