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Letter: President Obama revealed true intent during Martin speech

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Posted: Friday, July 26, 2013 2:59 pm

President Obama’s startling speech on race relations in America, no make that “lecture,” only confirmed what many Americans believed about Barack Hussein Obama from the get-go. He has never, ever forgiven whites for his perceived slights throughout his life, whether real or imagined. If you read his autobiography, the words that he chose to describe his parents says it all. He wrote that his father was “black as pitch” and that his mother was “white as milk.” Those were his very words. They speak volumes about where he thinks that he fits in American society.

Barack Hussein Obama is not “color-blind” but “color blinded.” He always has and always will see American society in terms of “Them” versus “Us.”

He has never seen himself as just an American but always as a black American. He has never left his south Chicago black activism behind, even as he became the senator of all of all the citizens of Illinois and the President of all the citizens of America.

Obama-Care wasn’t conceived to help all Americans but to help mainly black and minority Americans and the rest of America could just come along for the ride.

President Obama has given more than a thousand speeches already during his five years in Office and will give a thousand more. This speech will be the only one that will be remembered throughout history. When like a tragic Shakespearean character, he bared his true soul for all to see.

Leon Ceniceros


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