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Letter: MLK’s dream shouldn’t still be just a dream

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Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 1:47 pm | Updated: 4:41 pm, Sat Feb 2, 2013.

When will the “Victim Game” stop for Blacks and Hispanics in America? It’s been more than 40 years, almost two Generations and Martin Luther King’s “Dream” is still a dream. Schools are no longer segregated. Colleges and Universities are no longer segregated. Why aren’t blacks, Native Americans and Hispanics doing as well or better than other past and present ethnic and racial groups?

Billions and billions of extra taxpayer dollars have been allocated for black students, for Native American students and for Hispanic students. Where is the progress? Why have the Vietnamese, the Cambodians, the Chinese, the Indian students shot to the top of the education ladder and the blacks, the Hispanics and the Native Americans are still on the bottom rung? German, Norwegian, Swedish immigrant students didn’t have extra help. After World War II, Eastern European students didn’t have extra taxpayer dollars allocated for their immersion or studies. Yet all of these other ethnic and racial groups have achieved educational parity with Anglo students if not exceeding them.

Why should Hispanic students who are not English-proficient bother to learn English with Spanish TV, Spanish radio, Spanish newspapers and magazines? Voting ballots in Spanish, driver’s license tests in Spanish, court-appointed Spanish translators and Spanish-speaking sales clerks and telephone cperators provided if not required by federal law.

We now live in a Democrat-welfare nation. Education and a job are no longer requirements in our society to put a roof over our heads or to put food on the table.

Leon Ceniceros


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