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Letter: NRA LaPierre talks to the fringe of the NRA

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Posted: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 7:29 am

If you had attended as many NRA meetings as I have, you would realize that there is a wide spectrum of personalities among NRA members. About 90% of the members are sensible and rational citizens like me who own guns for home protection and sporting use, and who don’t believe in passing any new laws that cannot be enforced. 90 percent is really a pretty good turnout. Most homeowners’ associations can’t do nearly this well for their annual meetings. The other 10 percent are raving loonies who really ought to have a net thrown over them. Unfortunately, NRA President Wayne LaPierre tailors his message to the ten percenters. In his defense, it should be noted that Wayne talks crazy because we pay him $1 million a year to talk crazy, and he delivers. If he can whip up the hysteria and paranoia to an even greater level, I suppose we will pay him even more. We have always done so before, and this year he seems to be headed for a pay raise of epic proportions.

NRA gets a bad rap because when Wayne talks crazy a lot of the ten percenters believe him. Most of the ten percenters have only a slippery grip on reality, and when Wayne tells him that “they” are coming after them to take away their guns and them kill them afterward, a lot of the ten percenters believe him. This motivates a ten percenter to go after “them” before “they” can come after him, and the rest is history. If someone could put a sock in Wayne’s mouth a lot more people would respect the NRA.

N. C “Tex” Thex


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