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Letter: Fair tax idea seems anything but

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Posted: Saturday, November 16, 2013 2:09 pm

What else can you do but chuckle at some of the “letter writers” and their devotion to ridiculous ideas they believe will “save America’ from succumbing to the disease of “socialism?”

Milt Cormier wrote last week that the “fair tax” would bring back manufacturing jobs and increase employment, thus reversing the trend of the past 20 years as millions of American jobs were shipped overseas?

I have to admit I knew nothing of the “fair tax” so I looked it up. And then it took me another 10 minutes to stop laughing!

Abolishing the IRS in favor of a national 23 percent sales tax is going to accomplish all these wonderful, lofty goals for America’s future? Really?

Checking the website, it reads, “Pay taxes only on what you spend. You alone can control your tax burden. If you’re thrifty, you’ll pay lower taxes than somebody who is not.”

Think about that for a minute; those in the bottom 60 percent of Americans who spend virtually every penny they earn, will be paying a 23 percent national sales tax, adding $34,500 to the price of a $150,000 house and pushing the price of a $25,000 new car up over $30,000 and turning a $700 HDTV into a $861 HDTV? And this is going to boost spending and bring manufacturing jobs back to the US? Really?

Come on people, use your brains here. The only people it is going to help are those who never have to spend their entire paychecks every month. In other words, only those who are in the top 10 percent basically!

And it will be an additional burden on those in the bottom 50 percent and small business owners who will not be able to reduce their taxes through mileage deductions, depreciation of equipment, investment in their business or excessive medical expenses, among many others!

Once again a reminder, Republicans. Trickle down economics has been proven over and over to be a complete failure for all but the top 10 percent of Americans.

Stop! trying to sell us this utter nonsense. We aren’t buying it! A pig wearing lipstick is still a pig!

Rod Livdahl


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