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Letter: Obama moves are calculated

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Posted: Monday, November 4, 2013 7:23 am

Either the American People can believe that Barack Hussein Obama is stupid (Occidental College, Columbia University, Harvard University, past President of the Harvard Law Review, former Visiting Law and Government Fellow University of Chicago, author of four books, former Illinois State Senator, former U.S. Senator and twice elected to be the President of the United States of America) or that he is a liar.

Obama’s “mentor”, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright (pastor of the United Church of Christ in Chicago’s South Side that both Barack and Michelle Obama attended for 20 years) spewed anti-White, anti-American sermons that you can see on YouTube, yet President Obama “knew nothing” about them.

Obama’s Department of Justice’s “Fast and Furious” program is suspected of selling assault rifles (one of which was used in the murder of a U.S. Agent) and yet President Obama “knew nothing”.

Obama’s I.R.S. Department is accused targeting of tea party and other conservative groups and yet President Obama “knew nothing”.

Obama’s Department of Justice is said to have illegally tapped the phone calls of an Associated Press report and yet President Obama “knew nothing”.

And now that Eric Snowden has spilled the beans on the Orwellian Big Brother email, phone, twitter and tweeter information-gathering Scandal not only here in America but every where else in the World too, including the personal cell phone of Germany’s Angela Merkel and 34 other Heads of State and once again, President Barack Hussein Obama “knew nothing”.

President Obama gave speech after speech to the American People about Obamacare since 2009 that “if you like your healthcare plan you’ll be able to keep your healthcare plan, period”. Even though the Affordable Care Act rules determined that 40 to 67 percent would be lose their health care plans under the Law. Yet President Obama “knew nothing” about this provision.

It looks like Republican Congressman, Joe Wilson was right all along.

Leon Ceniceros


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