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Letters: Palin would bring 'real change' as president

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Posted: Sunday, December 19, 2010 5:30 am

Commenting on the Dec. 15 guest commentary “Who really wants Palin to run for president?”:

How biased can any newspaper be? There are two opinions to her story and both are against Palin becoming president.

Joel Mathis wrote: “Republicans are the only ones who can stop it from happening.” Mathis may be right, but only because there is a vast number of corrupt politicians in both parties who are scared to death they will have to start working for a living.

Ben Boychuk wrote: “GOP voters are more likely to go with the candidate with a deeper resume’. In other words, Palin must be more experienced. Experienced at what? Being a seasoned corrupt politician like the rest? Fall in line? Back room deals? Kick-backs? Suck up the peoples’ hard-earned tax dollars?

Make no mistake, Palin can never become corrupt. Get used to it. This fact is what disturbs those who are on the take.

Even “Whichever-way-the-wind-blows” John McCain couldn’t corrupt her. He tried.

If she is not chosen by the Republicans to run, she’ll either run as a write-in or run on the “Independent” ticket. Wouldn’t that be a big black mark against the Republicans?

It’s pretty obvious Palin’s first move will be to clean up Washington’s wholesale political corrupted, self-serving politicians.

With Palin being backed by Judicial Watch, it would be easy to see a big wind blowing in and “real change” occuring that we can really believe in.

Kirby Allan, Mesa

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