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Letters: Republicans support greed in pursuit of higher profits

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Posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 3:45 am

The Republican Party seems determined to allow greed to rule America. Republicans don’t want to spend tax dollars on medical care, education, old age pensions and a host of other categories that have become the mark of civilized societies. Instead, they want to return to a law of the jungle, where unregulated and unrestricted pursuit of ever larger profits will reign, regardless of the negative consequences.

To make matters worse, the Republican Party’s dysfunctional support of greed is supplemented by their blind support of religion. Like the Taliban they claim to fear, Republicans want to end the separation of church and state, and allow anyone’s blind faith to trump science, reason and evidence. Even a little imagination shows that this is a course of action that can harm American far more than 9-11.

The real tragedy is that Republicans do seem to understand the need for limited government and minimal taxes, a sensible position many Americans support. However, the coming tragedy for the Republican Party is that many voters who want less government and lower taxes will not support unregulated greed, and an American society that is held hostage by senseless religious beliefs. If Republicans do not reform themselves, voters will remove them from office for the good reason that they are harming America.

John W Greco


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