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Letter: Records not rhetoric

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Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012 4:23 pm

Just like with the Fast and Furious cover up, this administration is playing the classic Middle East, Libyan political tactic of stalling with rhetoric instead of producing the records (that are readily available) of what happened. Obama said he gave the order “to do whatever needed to be done to protect our people.”

When a president gives an order to the military, the CIA and FBI, as commander in chief, to act, there is a record of that order. Let’s see it! He made it public information when he announced it. His order is not classified information.

The subsequent orders for execution and the following commands by the military, CIA and FBI to execute the president’s direct order are also readily available. They are on the record. Let’s see them. If these records are considered classified, produce them immediately to the congressional intelligence committees.

As long as we’re at it, produce the records of the person or persons that reportedly countermanded the president’s order and told the military, CIA and FBI to “stand down.” Those orders were also widely reported, therefore they’re not classified. Produce the records for the person that gave the command to relieve General Ham when he said “screw it” — he had a rapid response team ready and could have been there within an hour and was sending them to help save those Americans fighting for their lives and to protect our embassy. Who relieved him of command? Who reinstated him a few days later? These reported facts prove we have personnel very high in our national security apparatus that have not only disobeyed orders but have followed orders opposite to those they were given by the president — assuming the order to do everything to protect our people was really given.

I’ll bet more of our tax money has been spent to keep the Fast and Furious records secret than the $2 million that has been spent to keep the president’s personal records secret. How much will be spent to keep Americans from seeing the records in the Benghazi slaughter? Enough stalling and rhetoric; show the American people the actual records instead of trying to politically spin what happened. Four brave Americans were murdered as, admittedly, our White House watched in real time. We, and more importantly their families, deserve the truth that only the records will reveal and not meaningless rhetoric from professional political spin artists.

Bill Sandry


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