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Letter: Ignore political history; it will repeat itself

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Posted: Sunday, October 13, 2013 1:04 pm

Bill Clinton left office after two terms as President in 2000. During the course of his Presidency policies were initiated which resulted in the country enjoying a robust economy which included, a budget surplus, low unemployment, no wars to speak of, and what should have been a rosey outlook going forward.

When George W. Bush was elected the whole picture turned around. The Republicans had their own agenda and after two terms with Bush at the helm Americans had suffered through one of the worst administrations ever. He took us through an ill advised war in Iraq, (though some say the Bush/Cheney show featuring Halliburton profited nicely), an economy on the ropes with the largest deficit ever, unemployment at the highest level in recent history, and a nice title for the whole fiasco aka” The Great Recession”.

After such a dramatic display of unfettered greed and ineptitude, and with the guilty parties safely assigned to the history books it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect the Republican leadership to work with Democrats in the effort to get the economy back on track. Alas, old habits die hard, enter John Boehner and “The Tea Party”. Cryin’ John is wailing because the Republicans don’t like a legally passed Bill called “The Affordable Care Act” but rather than work to find a better solution to overpriced healthcare at some time in the future these asinine individuals have chosen to shoot their party in the foot by threatening our economy once again.

America, as Obama has said, deserves better. We expect our politicians to work together to find solutions to the nations problems despite party lines. Barring impeachment of those concerned the solution lies in the hands of voters at the next election.

Lest we forget, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Ian Thomson


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