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Letter: U.S. keeps setting itself up to be target

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Posted: Thursday, January 5, 2012 6:25 pm

One of several causes of the 9/11 attacks, by Saudi Arabian Freedom Fighters, was the presence of American military personnel in their homeland that also is all Muslims’ Holy Land, Saudi Arabia.  

Today, C-Span had a live report of a joint State and Defense Department briefing on another agreement placed upon The House of Saud to not only purchase the most advanced Boeing F-15 fighter/bombers, and related equipment and munitions made by other American manufacturers, but also to permit the basing of American military personnel (“training personnel”) on the Holy Land of the Muslims.

The two Americans who gave the briefing, Andrew Shapiro and James Miller, stated, in effect, that the nation of Saudi Arabia needed that sophisticated weaponry to defend itself. Those civil servants should know that all of the nations that border Saudi Arabia are Muslim nations, as are many other nations from Morocco to Indonesia. Hundreds of millions of Muslims would attack any nation that attacked their Holy Land.

Furthermore, to remove American military forces from the region surrounding their Holy Land has always been an objective of Muslim organizations, that include the non-sectarian Al Qaeda (The Group) that exists in many countries and The Hezbollah from Iran, and the very religious, family-oriented Taliban.  

Mr. Shapiro should know both several reasons why Osama Bin Ladin had been exiled from his homeland by the House of Saud, and why State Department personnel at Khartoum refused to give him a visa to be with his relatives living in deluxe apartments along the Charles River in Massachusetts. For example, Mr. Bin Ladin had spoken (too loudly) about how Saudi princes were not living according to Muslim religious law.

Remember, United States forces, including American-made ground-to-air missiles, helped the Taliban remove communist Russian military personnel from Afghanistan. Mr. Miller should recall “the hints” that Muslims gave his Defense Department when three bombs were driven into Marine and Army barracks and a Navy destroyer. Mr. Shapiro’s State Department associates received similar “hints” at two of their embassies on The Horn of Africa. American staffs of both the Pentagon and State Department knew very well from whence much of the funds used to force tens of thousands of Arabs out of their homes into detention camps and squalid refugee camps had been raised in the USA. Both knew the Shia Hezbollah, from Iran, helped build clinics and schools in southern Lebanon. Both American staffs should know how a few Hezbollah tried to help unite Arab women refugees with their husbands and sons, only to have the IDF kill thousands of Arab civilians with American-made jets and missiles.

The bottom line is that our President, following recommendations of his technical staffs, is setting up the United States as a target of more Muslim Freedom Fighters, whose very obvious objective is to cause the removal of American military forces from their Holy Land.

How would you like your children to be frightened by the sight of foreign military personnel, who do not speak our tribal language (English) in their neighborhood?

The obvious program we should adopt is to stop sending American tax dollars into foreign economies, paying for the room and board of American military personnel both in and out of uniform, as are the hated American mercenaries.

Here’s to a happier forever.

Joseph B. Ryan

Sun City West

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