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Letter: Voting citizens are to blame for Arpaio

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Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 2:24 pm

All kinds of charges are flying about the conduct of MCSO under Joe Arpaio, largely because an enormous pile of evidence has already accumulated over the years which must now be explained. A lot of people want to know who is to blame, and the answer, ultimately, is that you are. You, the voting citizens of Maricopa County, including myself, are responsible for every action Joe Arpaio has taken in our name.

The rape and molestation of women and children as young as two are your responsibility. You chose not to investigate them.  The violent deaths of three — soon to be four — inmates in our county jails rests with you as well. The blood of these victims as well as hundreds of others who survived the beatings and tasers is on your hands. The humiliation of thousands of detainees, some arrested and not yet convicted, others falsely detained and later released, some forced to sign documents and confessions which they did not comprehend, are yours because your attitude has been, “They are just Hispanics and criminals who deserve everything that happens to them.”

You have harassed, accused, and arrested your political enemies, including judges, county workers, and commissioners whom you, yourselves, elected. You allowed the chief deputies to bully their subordinates and raise campaign funds while on duty. It is you who have squandered hundreds of millions of your own tax dollars and stand ready to lose hundreds of millions more through misfeasance, malfeasance, and legal costs.

The reputation you have brought to your county and state as being a majority of poorly educated bigots, defiantly holding up to the cameras your revered leader of belligerence and buffoonery, is well deserved.  Yet, you ponder why businesses won’t come here.

Yes, Joe Arpaio is your responsibility and your fault. You elected him. You cheer at his rallies. You donate to his $20 million campaign war chest. You defend him in front of cameras, on talk radio shows, and in the pages of this newspaper. So did I the first two times he was elected, and I own up to making the initial mistake of helping to get this debacle started. But I will no longer take ownership of this chaos going forward. I will never vote for him again, and neither should you.

Ron Weitbrecht


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