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Letters to editor: May 30

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Posted: Sunday, May 30, 2010 2:30 am

IMMIGRATION: Vote out officials who voted for law

Arizona is going to have to reap what it has sowed and it will not be pleasant. It shames me to be a 21-year resident of what at one time I thought to be a up-and-coming state of real changes.

SB 1070 can not make anyone in Arizona proud. The bill points at racial profiling and discrimination. It also points at our state losing millions of dollars to conventions, conferences, sporting events and entertainment.

All the elected officials who presented and voted for the bill have to be voted out of office, including our unelected Gov. Jan Brewer who did not think of the consequences of this bill.

All of Arizona — republicans, democrats, independents, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, native Americans and all who may look non-American — better get out and vote these people out. It is crucial that we get back the pride we once had in this state. We need to win back the losses we are going to suffer from bad people in our government.

John Chiazza, Gilbert

MILITARY: Fight wars at home

We are slaughtering innocents in the Arab world for no rational reason. Saddam Hussein and supposedly his weapons of mass destruction are long gone, both used to justify starting this war. All we are doing in the Middle East is recruiting haters of America who have banned together temporarily to defeat the U.S. Satan.

Why don’t we let these insane Muslims go back to killing each other in perpetual civil war as they have been doing for a thousand years? Why not sell arms to all three or five warring factions and let them enjoy their games.

Get us out of the Middle East. Bring our personnel home to defend OUR borders. Since 9/11, illegal aliens have killed 69,050 Americans. Why are we wasting our young American men and women trying to impose “democracy” at the end of a gun barrel half a planet away when our own country is being invaded!?

PJ O’Malley, Mesa

POLITICS: Cultural decline threatens U.S.

Conservatives mistakenly believe the majority of elected officials are being fooled by the Obama administration’s secret agenda to control every aspect of our life.

Actually, liberal politicians are well aware that they are marching to the beat of an evil drummer. Like many citizens, they simply don’t care.

Totalitarianism looks like a quick fix for the misery brought about by 50 years of steady culture decline.

Today’s social and financial problems have been caused by people who were influenced by far left propaganda while growing up during the culture revolution. The allurement years of sex, drugs and credit card mentality has produced an irresponsible attitude that prevails in all of our institutions and threatens the sovereignty of the United States.

Bob Blazier, Mesa

POLITICS: Cultural decline threatens U.S.

President destroying our country

I am 51 years old and have never responded to a newspaper article until now. Austin Hill’s commentary (May 26) put a fire under my seat but in a good way. As a veteran and an Arizonan, I would like to say Thank You Sir!

It’s about time that someone with the power to get the word out about Barack Hussien Obama has. I support our governor and what she is doing and I am very proud of the things that she has done and is doing for not just our state but our country. She has my vote in the coming election. But what you had to say about our leader in the White House was the best article I have read. Please do not stop there. Continue opening peoples’ eyes to the destruction of our country by this president.

Terry Sullivan, Mesa

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