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Letter: Expect more GOP follies to come

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Posted: Sunday, October 27, 2013 1:56 pm

Oh, the “weeping and gnashing of teeth” going on in conservative circles and right-wing think tanks after their embarrassing loss of face during the recent installment of “right-wing conservatives Shutter the U.S. Government” Once Again!

Luckily, I think, Republican congresspeople have not been falling on their swords in humiliation or leaping from tall buildings!

But as we Progressives expected, they have not learned any lessons from this folly once again, so expect another round or two of government shutdowns in the next few years as they continue to pursue policies the majority of Americans simply do not agree with!

The tea party “lunatic fringe” just can’t seem to comprehend the poll numbers that show their support is only in the mid 20 percent among all voters and that isn’t enough to sustain their government slashing goals.

Take Tom Patterson’s usual “slash federal spending” article this week (Tribune, Oct. 20, evtnow.com/5za), for instance.

As these right-wingers always do, they try to lay some guilt upon us voters by “pretending” that we are “mortgaging our children’s futures” by spending money to take care of the urgent needs of the millions of less fortunate who have been hurt by the very policies supported by these same right-wingers as they try to slash and burn through every progressive program designed to alleviate the increasingly high numbers of Americans living in poverty in the richest nation on earth?

Then they try to make you believe that those who are struggling to survive and feed their children on poverty wages are simply ‘losers” who only need to have a few hundred dollars of “federal benefit monies” taken away and they will suddenly “flourish” as they accept responsibility for Walmart and McDonalds low wage pay scales and enroll in college, double their incomes and gratefully become the next generation of right-wing voters, all while raising a family and taking the bus!

Can we all say, “totally clueless” together??

God forbid the ultra-wealthy business types taking home two hundred million annually would ever decide they could actually get by on $50 million a year and start paying the employees that created that wealth a higher wage with benefits!

Rod Livdahl


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