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Letter: People need to 'walk the walk' before blasting religious leaders

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Posted: Monday, December 23, 2013 11:17 am

Leon Ceniceros complained last week in the (Dec. 8) Inbox. He said that the Catholic, Mormon, Evangelical and other Protestant churches advocate unrestricted illegal immigration.

He then spouted the disingenuousness about the action of these churches. He said they call upon citizens to pay for the support of these illegal immigrants and they haven’t divested themselves of one, slim dime of their hundreds of billions. He wants the Vatican to sell what is in their vaults then give the money to charity.

Leon before you spread lies using our local paper to help you, maybe you should learn more about these churches. For one, there is no Mormon Church. There is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which has the Book Of Mormon. I have been a member for 45 years. Never once has the church advocated unrestricted illegal immigration. In fact we are taught to honor and sustain the laws of the land. This Church has the most fabulous welfare system. Members and non-members alike volunteer to help. Church farms grow the food and raise cattle. The church canneries process the food. The food label is named Deseret. If you volunteer at any of the local “soup kitchens” you may have seen their canned goods that have been donated! The cannery shares with agencies who have food that is donated to them and they need it canned also. Meals that will sustain life are packaged right here in Mesa and sent all over the world. Medical supplies, warm blankets and clothing are distributed. The Desert Industries provides job training, and gives donated items to many different places and people. The church and the members are always helping others who are in need. I encourage you to come and learn more.

You said “these churches are great at preaching the doctrine of charity, but fall short in actually sacrificing their assets for charity”. As you can see you are absolutely wrong.

Maybe you should worry more about yourself. How much do you give? Do you sacrifice anything to help others? Do you sell your personal belongings to give to charity?

You want Pope Francis to drink out of a clay cup. I was just wondering if you practice what you preach? The Churches I am familiar with try to lift mankind up. You are busy trying to tear them down.

Please come and learn more. Try and be part of the solution. There are many hands that hang down that you may have the ability to help lift them up!

Elizabeth Harrison


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