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Letter: Romney avoided service, but now talks tough

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Posted: Monday, October 8, 2012 8:41 am

A few things to consider for those who plan to vote for Mitt Romney concerning his service to his country:

From the time he graduated from high school in 1965, Mr. Romney received five deferments from serving in the military -- one at Stanford, one at BYU, two at Harvard and one for his Mormon mission. These were options available which he took advantage of, all the while giving strong support for both the war in Viet Nam and the draft.

During his campaign against Ted Kennedy in 1994, he stated to the Boston Globe he had not planned on signing up and serving in the military, yet in his failed bid to be the Republican presidential candidate in 2008 he told the Globe how supportive he was of the war and how he “longed” to be fighting in Viet Nam. Which is it?

He could have dropped his deferments after the first two and signed up in the Marines with me on the “Buddy System” in 1969. This may have given him his desire he so “longed” for.

Now he is talking tough and wants to initiate a unilateral attack on Iran if elected president. You can be sure none of his five sons will ever wear a uniform and be in harm’s way. After all, Mitt Romney said the best way for his sons to serve their country is to get him elected.

As usual, it’s the rich and powerful who start wars but they can’t be expected to soil their hands in actual fighting.

Charlie Osburn


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