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Letter: Government working for WHO these past 4 years?

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Posted: Friday, October 5, 2012 4:43 pm

We just celebrated 225 years of the ratification of the US Constitution. This written document contains many wise provisions such as: 1. The Bill of Rights’ guarantee of freedom of speech, press and religion. 2. Equality of all men and women before the law. 3. The principle of popular sovereignty, where the PEOPLE are the source of government, not the other way around. 4. The federal system, with a division of powers between the nation as a whole and the states. 5. The Separation of Powers into three separate branches of government.

This last provision is very wise as it allows for no dictatorship and requires that WE work together. The past four years we have not seen this at all. Just look at Obamacare. Not a single vote from Republicans for Obamacare. This smacks an affront to WE the People. We have many issues before us, such as the HUGE deficit and no budget PLAN or is it a hidden plan? We have not been WORKING together. The Denver Undecided Voters noted this and were impressed that Mitt Romney worked with a legislature that was 87 percent Democratic. It is my hope that with this next election that WE THE PEOPLE elect individuals who are going to WORK for US (Democrat and Republican) and address our issues as the US Constitution set up.

Ralph Willett


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