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Letter: Minorities are taking over America

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Posted: Sunday, July 14, 2013 6:51 am

When did our so-called “Minorities” take over America? I don’t remember Italian-American, German-American, Norwegian-American, Swedish-American, Chinese- American, Indian-American, Pakistani-American, Japanese- American, Russian-American, Armenian-American first generation (off the boat, now off the plane) children being given years and years of “English as a Second Language” learning assistance. Many of these children had to learn a whole new alphabet.

On top of that, to learn to read from right to left and from horizontally instead of vertically. Why did these “legal” immigrant children learn English in usually a year, if not less, and it takes our Spanish-speaking Children (same alphabet, same reading the words from right to left) years and years? And still, many read and speak English at a fifth-grade level when they graduate from the 12th grade?

Now, President Obama, the Democrats, some church groups and of course the ever-present A.C.L.U., MECHA, LULAC, another other “Hispanic Activists” — Hispanic isn’t a race or even a recognized legal ethnicity — want to give “amnesty” to 20 million illegal aliens, many of whom don’t and won’t speak English, much less read English.

Speaking about “special rights for special people”, why do black, Hispanic and Native-American college and university applicants need “affirmative action” quotas to be accepted?

Other “minority-American” students don’t need to be “pushed by special court ordered exceptions” to be accepted in to America’s colleges and universities. When did you ever hear of a Japanese-American applicant to Stanford having to resort to “affirmative action” or a Chinese-American applying to UC-Berkeley or an Indian-American applying to Cal-Poly?

The answer is never. Ask yourselves why.

Leon Ceniceros


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