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Letters: Readers lobby for Hartke

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Posted: Monday, October 25, 2010 12:56 pm

A sampling of letters to the editor from our readers endorsing Kevin Hartke in the race for Chandler City Council:

This election is extremely critical to the citizens of Chandler. The voters will need to make the important decision on who will fill our remaining City Council seat. I believe Kevin Hartke is the best choice for this position. Kevin has a long history of public service in this community. He has a thoughtful, positive approach and is a proven consensus builder. He will roll up his sleeves and work tirelessly to make Chandler an even better place to live, work and raise a family. His forward thinking and vision for Chandler’s future will make him a great addition to the Council. I wholeheartedly support Kevin Hartke and urge you to vote for him.

I also urge you to vote “yes” on Proposition 410. Cities are required to receive approval by their voters in order to establish a locally determined budget in lieu of using an archaic state-imposed expenditure limit. Chandler has consistently received this Home Rule Option approval from its voters every four years since 1982. In May, a one-time override of the state-imposed formula that was necessary because of the change in our election date was overwhelming approved by our citizens. We are now seeking authorization for the next four-year period. Please support local control by approving Proposition 410.

Senator Jay Tibshraeny, Mayor-Elect

The citizens of Chandler turned out in record numbers to vote in the primary election. I hope that Chandler voters turn out again to choose the person to fill the last seat on our City Council. According to the cliché, “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.” In politics, if the corollary is true and you like to critique and question elected officials, by all means do so — vote!

Kevin Hartke is the candidate that will answer phone calls and e-mails from his constituents, even those with a little bite. He will work hard researching issues and he will cast his Council votes according to what is best for the city. You will get straight answers because his upstanding character will not allow him to compromise his principals. What you see is what you get and Kevin Hartke is as good as they come.

Kevin gives his all to the many volunteer projects and city commissions upon which he serves. He is vice president of the Desert Cancer Foundation of Arizona; he headed up our census drive; and he puts in countless hours on the city’s planning and zoning commission. His resume is real: It is what it says.

His hard work as a volunteer and now as a candidate demonstrate his outstanding work ethic and his commitment to Chandler. He will be an asset to our city. As an independent thinking Council member, Kevin Hartke will represent us in an exemplary manner.

Elane Leibowitz, Chandler

The final seat on the Chandler City Council will be decided in the November election. The Council, like any functioning organization, must have vision and be staffed with positive people who will look forward and represent all the citizens of the city.

Kevin Hartke is that person. He has been serving the city and the people of Chandler for more than 20 years. He is energetic, enthusiastic, has a great work ethic and his honesty and integrity is beyond reproach. He “has what it takes” and he will contribute greatly to making the City Council proactive and responsive to the needs of our citizens.

I have worked on Council with both candidates and I am enthusiastic about Kevin Hartke’s candidacy and his abilities. He is clearly the best choice for Chandler.

Bob Caccamo, Vice Mayor, City of Chandler

Having observed the good and bad of politics for over 38 years in our beloved City of Chandler, it is always refreshing to have a candidate for City Council who has the high integrity and leadership skills of Kevin Hartke. I believe he will help continue to bring stability and teamwork that we have had in our most recent our City Council.

Kevin will work well with all members of Council. He will compliment Mayor Elect Jay Tibshraeny’s proven leadership and ability to communicate well with the community.

I am also very pleased that an organization that I have been a member of for a very long time, the Chandler Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), is endorsing Kevin Hartke for Chandler City Council. The FOP is the oldest police organization in Chandler and Arizona. I have known Kevin for many years. He is friend of Chandler and of the Chandler police. Join us in supporting him in the upcoming election and return a good leader to office.

Bobby Joe Harris, Chandler Chief of Police (retired)

Chandler’s voters will soon have the opportunity to decide who will represent them on the City Council.

I am endorsing and helping Kevin Hartke. I have known Kevin for a long time and also had the opportunity to work with him during his previous time on Council. I believe he is exactly what people want in their elected officials. He is honest and fair. His motive for running for office is not selfish or egotistical. Instead it stems from his sincere desire to serve people and his community.

Kevin’s service did not begin when he announced his campaign. It is longstanding and includes many positions including leading the city’s efforts on the census, being appointed to the planning and zoning commission and being selected to fill a temporary vacancy on the Council. His desire to serve on the City Council is just one more step in a long history of volunteerism.

Please join me in voting for Kevin Hartke for Chandler City Council.

Trinity Donovan, Chandler Council member

I have known Kevin Hartke for many years. He is an honest, hardworking person who cares deeply about Chandler and its residents.

Kevin serves on Chandler’s Planning and Zoning Commission, volunteering many hours of his time to ensure quality development in this city. He helps lead the “For Our City” organization that brings together community leaders who work on local projects at the grass roots level. Kevin also coordinated our recent census efforts so Chandler will be sure to get its fair share of state and federal funding.

Kevin is a true fiscal conservative and understands the importance of our business community to the success of this city. He has made neighborhoods a priority in his campaign for Council. He will be there for the citizens of Chandler, helping to address their concerns and solve problems.

I have worked with both Kevin and his opponent. He is inclusive and will work to bring people together. By contrast, his opponent is divisive and was the ringleader of some of the most embarrassing and negative episodes this city has ever had to endure. Chandler cannot afford to move backward in this election.

I urge you to vote for Kevin Hartke for Chandler City Council.

Lowell Huggins, Former Vice Mayor, Chandler

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