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Letters to the editor: June 7

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Posted: Sunday, June 7, 2009 6:54 pm | Updated: 12:56 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

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Brewer’s plan better for universities

I graduated from Arizona State University’s College of Business and I am the owner of a commercial construction business. Because of my strong belief in the benefits of a well-educated work force to the business community, I have served on the ASU Foundation Board and now the ASU Board of Trustees.

Arizonans should applaud Gov. Jan Brewer’s proposed state budget. Brewer has created a budget that will give the three state universities funding that allows them to continue their objectives of educating our future employees, attracting research funding and developing new industries that are critical to the economic diversification that Arizona requires. Our state cannot succeed without the universities’ support and innovation, which will allow Arizona to return to its dynamic past. The governor’s budget allocates more funding than the proposed legislative budgets, which are less favorable to the three universities.

In addition, the governor’s proposed budget includes funding for the SPEED construction program. All three universities dramatically need funding for renovation of older buildings, and the resulting employment of workers will benefit the Arizona economy. According to a recent poll, 60 percent of people in the state prefer an increase in taxes to any additional severe cuts to education. I concur and request that the Legislature approve the governor’s recommendations.




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Reject federal money; sales tax OK

The entitlement spending has to stop! We are entitled to nothing except the pursuit of life and liberty and justice. And these three things are being stripped from us by the Obama administration and his czars. The overspending has to stop.

I do not want to be a state controlled by the federal government because we overspent and owe our soul to Obama. In this budget, we have to cut — even the things we all hold dear. If the money is not there, cut it — we will survive the better for it. Stop the whining and do what has to be done as a state to achieve and maintain a balanced budget. We survived and thrived without some of these things before, so we will do it again. If we have to raise the state sales tax a penny — do it, but stop any further spending, and deepen the cuts until we have achieved the goal of a balanced budget.

Our education for our children will survive. People will learn to be more efficient and cost effective in their endeavors. The waste will be cut hopefully, if everyone is not “brain dead” from the mentality of “easy come, easy go” that has prevailed in our society! It boils down to parents, teachers and school districts that care if they are spending their time and money in all the right places. It boils down to parents first, and teachers second, caring if their children are educated, not “babysat” for the school day.




Volunteers transform public space

I recently participated with hundreds of volunteers from the Home Depot, the KaBoom Foundation, the Mesa West Rotary Club, local volunteers and the city to install new playground equipment in the Park of the Canals on North Horne. It was an amazing cooperative event, requiring weeks of coordination between the national sponsors and the local volunteers from the neighborhood.

This park had lost its neighborhood appeal over the years. The playground equipment had been removed, the bathrooms were closed and the park rangers program ended. A neighborhood family man, Bert Millet, saw the possibility of returning this park to local families.

He took this idea to the Mesa West Rotary Club and began the process of looking for a way to accomplish his idea. Within the year, he and others had submitted a request to the Home Depot Foundation and KaBoom and were successful in gaining the financial support from this national organization, which has installed more than 700 playgrounds all over the country.

Kudos to everyone who participated in this event. These volunteers not only installed the playground, but painted almost everything in sight, installed pavers to the playground and the bathrooms and planted new plants in the botanical garden. This was done in less than two days. It really was an amazing couple of days.




Officers should be better equipped

In response to Norman Nipperus’ May 29 letter, “Machine guns and crowds don’t mix”: There is a war going on between law enforcement and criminals. It may be low-key, but it is a war. Police officers are highly trained in law enforcement procedures, social protocols and handling weapons. Criminals have no such limitations.

I, too, have experience in firearms, but I have no experience in preventing and containing illegal activities. I have, however, witnessed the results of organized crime. I would rather that law enforcement officers have bigger and better armaments than the opposition.

As for “praying-and-spraying,” I believe that anyone who “sprays” probably does not pray. I do know of police officers who pray each day that they will not have to use their firearms. I pray for their safety and that they will use proper judgment in their activities. I invite you to do the same.



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