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Letters: Forget DREAM Act; protect legal immigrants first

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Posted: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 3:30 am

Regarding Sunday’s Tribune editorial (“Keep DREAM Act alive”): While I have empathy for illegal minors brought here by illegal means, I have much less tolerance for those same “minors” who turn 18 and yet seem willing to cheat their way into a four-year scholarship to which they are not entitled. How is this any different to an 18-year-old committing a felony and expecting no charges from it, because their parents brought them into the USA illegally as a kid? If this is not amnesty, then please tell me what is?

My son came here too as an 8-year-old and graduated from high school with honors plus he received a presidential scholarship. But we cannot even get the local community colleges to accept him as an Arizona resident for tuition purposes. We have to pay three times the in-state fees, despite living here for three years and in California for seven.

So don’t lecture me about fairness of the DREAM Act until this government fixes legal immigration and provides an act to protect legal minors, whose parents have followed all the rules, paid state and federal taxes for several years and came to the USA legally. That is NOT cutting off your nose to spite your face either. It’s the basis of immigration policy and the foundation of the United States of America.

John H. Carroll, Chandler

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