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Letter: Agenda is hard to follow

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Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013 3:15 pm

The group of Congressmen who are grilling Secretary Sebelius are pushing an agenda that is a little hard to follow. The issue is that some citizens are going to lose their existing health insurance as a result of the Affordable Care Act. In a left-handed way this is correct. The ACA offers policies which have more coverage at lower cost and, accordingly, many insurance companies are canceling policies which have become overpriced and are non-competitive ever since ACA was rolled out. The decisions to cancel certain overpriced policies were made by the insurance companies because it made economic sense. There is little future in offering policies which are not competitive because they have less coverage at higher cost.

Unless you are a Republican, I guess. The rocket scientists who are grilling Secretary Sebelius take the position that there is some public purpose to preserving policies which offer less coverage at higher cost and allege that this is a breach of faith by the Obama administration. Only in Washington could this happen. The ACA is accomplishing exactly what it was intended to accomplish, by making lower-cost and higher-value policies available. It is inevitable that some of the higher-priced and lower-coverage plans might fall by the wayside. This is the inevitable result of the free enterprise system at work. The only way the GOP option could work would be if insurance companies were forced by government edict to continue these overpriced plans, and citizens were forced to buy them. Ironically, this is exactly what some of the GOP were proposing last week. Otherwise, the more overpriced options will soon collapse under their own weight.

How much are we paying these Congressmen to come up with this drivel?

Neil Thex


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