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Letter: ‘Assault rifle’ a misleading term

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Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2013 11:09 am

The term “assault rifle” is a misleading term. It is being applied to rifles owned by law abiding civilians simply because they “look” similar to those used by the military.

Military functioning machine guns are already illegal to own (without significant permits, etc.). Socialist democrats know this, which is why they focus on the gun’s appearance instead of how it functions. If you put a “pistol grip” on your daddy’s rifle, they deem it an “assault rifle” and will try to get it banned. It is simply an excuse to take away your gun.

Fear is a great motivator. Using a fear of self-inflicted violence, leaders disarm their subjects. To evoke the maximum fear possible, Obama posed with defenseless children. In every recent poll, gun control rated almost last as an issue of concern to Americans.

By going after a fundamental American right, however, Obama is shifting the public’s attention from more important issues, like the raging debt crisis, out of control spending, and rising unemployment.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment was not to protect “hunting” rights. It was to protect the average American’s ability to fight an oppressive government or an invading army. So, the next time you see Ms. Feinstein, President Obama, or any other member of our socialist government posing in front of a wall of weapons, remember, they are just trying to scare you. Again, fear is a great motivator.

When coupled with ignorance and apathy, fear can be devastating.

Taun Willis


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